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Vortex Defender CCW Red Dot Sight - 3 MOA
UPC: 843829133272
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Moultrie Ranch Series 12v Auger Feeder - 300# Capacity
Model: MEMFG15045
UPC: 053695150451
Availability: In Stock
$569.99 $512.99
Primos Rocker Strap Turkey Vest - XL-2XL
Model: PR65716
UPC: 010135657161
Availability: In Stock

Turkey Calls

  • Turkey Calls

    We carry a variety of turkey calls from box calls, pot calls, diaphram mouth calls and some specialty calls.  We also have combo packages on sale that won't be beat.

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Hunter's Specialties Custom Craft Box Call
Model: HSSTR100116
UPC: 021291709670
Availability: In Stock
The Custom Craft Box Call from HS Strut® has the look, feel and sound of a custom-made call from back in the day. A natural Walnut wood base, paddle and box ends with poplar sides gives this call an extremely rich sound in the turkey woods. A crafted finish to this call truly makes it fit in with some of the finest pieces of furniture available. Between the 2-side playability and the richness of the call tones resonating off of the wood, the Custom Craft Box Call just might become your new fa..
Primos Hoot Flute
Model: PR314
UPC: 010135003142
Availability: out of stock
The Hoot Flute is easy to use. In the spring sounding like an owl can very often entice a gobbler to give away his location by gobbling back at you. You can then move closer and using turkey talk lure the gobbler into range. * LOUD! * Three unique tuning holes for eight different tones and frequencies * Easily reproduces distinct pitches of the barred owl's and great horned owl's hoots * Durable and easy to carry ..