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Mojo VooDoo Dove Decoy
Model: MJHW2300
UPC: 816740002576
Availability: In Stock
$29.99 $24.99
Mossy Oak Outfitters Clip-On Dove Decoy - Set of 6
Model: NBS12345
UPC: 784827027890
Availability: In Stock
Ravin R5X Crossbow Package - Black
Model: RCR005
UPC: 815942020050
Availability: In Stock

Turkey Calls

  • Turkey Calls

    We carry a variety of turkey calls from box calls, pot calls, diaphram mouth calls and some specialty calls.  We also have combo packages on sale that won't be beat.

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Hunter's Specialties Custom Craft Box Call
Model: HSSTR100116
UPC: 021291709670
Availability: In Stock
The Custom Craft Box Call from HS Strut® has the look, feel and sound of a custom-made call from back in the day. A natural Walnut wood base, paddle and box ends with poplar sides gives this call an extremely rich sound in the turkey woods. A crafted finish to this call truly makes it fit in with some of the finest pieces of furniture available. Between the 2-side playability and the richness of the call tones resonating off of the wood, the Custom Craft Box Call just might become your new fa..
Hunter's Specialties Custom Craft Glass Pot Call
Model: HSSTR100011
UPC: 021291000548
Availability: In Stock
The Custom Craft Series is some of the richest sounding calls you can take to the woods. The specially designed sound board and the American walnut pan resonates to project the most authentic turkey call out there. The ready-to-play frosted glass surface of the Custom Craft Glass Pan Call lets you reach out and touch long distance turkeys with high-pitched sounds and great volume. Included is a tuned H.S. Strut Wood Striker. Category Game Calls Model Custom Craft Color Natural Materi..
Primos Hoot Flute
Model: PR314
UPC: 010135003142
Availability: In Stock
The Hoot Flute is easy to use. In the spring sounding like an owl can very often entice a gobbler to give away his location by gobbling back at you. You can then move closer and using turkey talk lure the gobbler into range. * LOUD! * Three unique tuning holes for eight different tones and frequencies * Easily reproduces distinct pitches of the barred owl's and great horned owl's hoots * Durable and easy to carry ..