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SilencerCo Harvester EVO 30 Cal Black Aluminum Suppressor
Model: SCOSU5060
UPC: 816413028032
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Remington 783 22in 4+1 - FDE - First Production Run from LaGrange GA - Package
Model: REMR85858C
UPC: 810070689322
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Atlas Trap Thrower AT50 and Tri-Axis Wobble Base Combo
Model: AT50C8
Availability: In Stock
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Deer Feeders

Deer Feeders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, along with various controls depending on your specific deer feeding needs.  There are motorized deer feeders, free choice or protein feeders, bump feeders and more. Complete deer feeders range in size from a 5 gallon bucket (holds about 30 lbs of corn) to 1000lb+ feeders.  The more frequent you are going to be visiting your deer feeder, the smaller the feeder barrel can be.  A 5 gallon feeder will last about a week, feeding 2 times a day for about 5 seconds at a time.  Deer feeders run on either 6v or 12v power in the form of a battery, which can be rechargeable, and can have a solar panel hooked up to it to lengethen the charge of the battery. We sell complete deer feeders, deer feeder kits to build you own deer feeder, and parts to fix your deer feeder. 

Contact us if you have any questions... We are the deer feeder experts.

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  • Protein Deer Feeders
  • Deer Feeder Kits
  • ATV/Truck Feeders
  • Varmint Proofing
  • Batteries/Solar
  • Replacement Timers
  • Remote Controls
  • Protein Heads
  • Deer Feeder Acc.
  • Replacement Motors
  • Lids, Funnels & Plates
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All Seasons 12v Evolution Feeder Deer Feeder Kit w/ The Timer
Model: AS800036
UPC: 765665800036
Availability: In Stock
The Evolution feeder kit has evolved to beat those pesky raccoons and squirrels from emptying your feeder.  The Eliminator spinner plate shuts off all feed when the unit is not running, making it varmint and wind proof. The Timer (5 year warranty) 1-6 Feedings per Day 12v Motor Eliminator Varmint Proof Spinner (ships inside feeder box) Standard Spinner Plate Included Galvanized Steel Housing Mounting hardware Battery not included The Timer runs on 1 AA battery ..
Moultrie 6V Digital Pro Hunter 2.0 Deer Feeder Kit - Quick Lock
Model: MEMFG13448
UPC: 053695134482
Availability: In Stock
The Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit has a new look and improved function. The Pro Hunter II has an adjustable internal funnel that eliminates the need for additional assembly and helps feed flow freely into spinner plate. The Easy Set programmable digital timer allows you to set up to 6 daily feed times from 1 - 20 seconds long. The Pro Hunter II operates for months on a 6-volt rechargeable battery. This feeder kit includes the Quick-Lock adapter for easy twist-on, twist-off installation. Improve..
Moultrie NXT Hunter Feeder Kit
Model: MEMFG13265
UPC: 053695132655
Availability: In Stock
The next generation of Moultrie Deer Feeder technology has arrived. The NXT Hunter Feeder Kit includes BackSpin™ anti-clog technology.  If the unit senses a clog it will momentarily reverse the spin to bust up the clog. Electric Varmint Guard has a low-drain circuitry on it keeps varmint away from the spinner plate.  Backspin senses a clog and momentarily reverses spin to break up the clog. Cake free spinner plate design Power Supply - 6V Electronics - Digital Available Feed Times - ..
Moultrie Quick Lock Directional Fish/Deer Feeder Kit
Model: MEMFG13264
UPC: 053695132648
Availability: In Stock
This feeder kit is designed to cast feed in one direction. Features advanced anti-clog technology that busts clogs as soon as they are sensed. Digital timer allows for programming of feed times. Uses Moultrie’s versatile Quick-Lock system. Agitating spinner plate design breaks up clumps and improves feed flow Optimize feed usage, digital timer for programing up to six daily feed times with duration of 1-20 seconds each Casts feed in a 30-degree path, perfect for along roads, ponds, tra..
SpinTech 6v Digital Deer Feeder Kit
Model: ST6VDSU
UPC: 850642001312
Availability: In Stock
Deer Feeder Motor Unit-6 Volt Digital Spinner Unit. Not only does the spinner plate rotate but it also goes up and down locking closed when the motor is off. Be confident that you are saving time and money because the SpinTech mechanism assures you that birds hogs and varmints such as squirrels and raccoons cannot get to your deer feed due to the locking spinner plate. Varmint Proof Feeder 6 volt motor Spin Tech Patented Positive on Demand open/close spinner plate 1-30 second adjusta..
American Hunter Gravity Head Feeder Kit
UPC: 888151026090
Availability: Out Of Stock
Twist lock gravity head  Free Choice Feeding No need to set a timer No Electrronic Parts ..
Moultrie All-In-One Deer Feeder Digital Timer Kit
Model: MEMFHP12367
UPC: 053695123677
Availability: Out Of Stock
Moultrie All-In-One Deer Feeder Digital Timer Kit. Perfect for the hunter who wants more feed control but no fuss. The All-in-One Timer kit has everything you need just add a bucket and deer feed. We've even included batteries! Kit easily attaches to any bucket size. Digital timer programs up to 4 different feed times a day. New efficiencies and battery design doubles run time providing 4 months field life!  Digital timer programs up to 4 different feed times a day 1-20 seconds run time ..
Moultrie Gravity Feeder Kit
Model: MEMFG13338
UPC: 053695133386
Availability: Out Of Stock
The Moultrie Gravity Feeder Kit will attach to any barrel or Moultrie feeder you already own. The Gravity Kit features a reinforced Quicklock adapter for simple twist-on, twist-off installation. With adjustable flow, the Gravity Kit is ideal for feeding corn or protein pellets. Quickly and efficiently convert your feeders to a gravity-fed protein feeder for the spring and summer antler-growing season. Features:  Adjustable flow for corn or protein pellets  Features reinforced Quicklock adap..
On-Time Bumper Buddy ATV Deer Feeder Spreader
Model: OT22000
UPC: 797539220008
Availability: Out Of Stock
On-Time Bumper Buddy ATV Deer Feeder Spreader. Make the chore of spreading fertilizer, deer feed or seed effortless with the Bumper Buddy Spreader Combo! Our system distributes deer feed in a pattern from 4 to 20 feet and comes with 2 interchangeable spreader plates. The 20-gallon capacity conical hopper is made of durable polyethylene and will mount to most ATV racks with our unique 2-bolt clamping system. The Bumper Buddy has been designed for quick removal and reinstallation because the mount..