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Moultrie Quick Lock Directional Fish/Deer Feeder Kit
Model: MEMFG13264
UPC: 053695132648
Availability: In Stock
On-Time Solar Elite Post Mount Fish Feeder
Model: OT71239
UPC: 797539712398
Availability: In Stock
Moultrie Quick Lock Directional Fish Feeder - 30 Gallon
Model: MEMFG13281
UPC: 053695132815
Availability: In Stock
Vortex Sparc SOLAR AR Red Dot Sights
Model: VXSPC404
UPC: 875874008960
Availability: In Stock

ATV/Truck Feeders

  • ATV/Truck Feeders

    Bumper feeders, truck feeders and ATV feeders for deer.  We carry a variety of feeders that mount on a 2in. receiver or on the rack of your ATV.

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Boss Buck ATV-Truck 80lb Spreader with Remote - 2in Receiver
Model: BB180
UPC: 888151022269
Availability: In Stock
Spread feed anywhere your truck or ATV will go with this Boss Buck spreader. Complete with wireless remote and 2" Receiver Mount. All Metal Hopper UV stabilized rubber latch 4-Prong Tail Light Adapter Included Wireless Remote Receiver Included  Adjustable Feed Flow Valve 2-pc Receiver Hitch Spread food plot mix Quickly spread fertilizer Salt your driveway (Large Salt) Spread grass seed Corn Senderos and Trails Salt recommendations: After using salt in your spreader..
All Seasons Hercules Road Feeder - 100lb Capacity
Model: AS342147
UPC: 765665342147
Availability: In Stock
The 100lb. Hercules Road Feeder uses The Eliminator spinner mechanism that not only rotates, but goes up and down creating a closed seal when the motor is off. This item is sold in store only. Heavy Duty Steel Construction Low Profile Perfect for the front or back of your truck Easy to mount with a built in 2" receiver Eliminator spinner prevents feed loss Comes with wired remote Made in Texas, USA. ..
Moultrie ATV Food Plot Spreader
Model: MEMFHP53880
UPC: 053695538808
Availability: In Stock
The ATV Food Plot Spreader is designed for planting and fertilizing food plots around your hunting property. Frame has a load capacity of up to 50lbs. Built-in quick release system for fast and easy detaching of spreader bucket. Convenient shut off gate allows you to regulate amount of seed dispensed. Universal mounting brackets make it compatible with almost all ATV models. Frame has a load capacity of up to 50lbs. Quick release system for fast & easy detaching of spreader bucket. Shut off gate..
On-Time 2in Receiver Truck Mount for Bumper Buddy
Model: OT22002
UPC: 797539220022
Availability: In Stock
A 2" Truck mount that fits into your Receiver hitch for the On Time Bumper Buddy. ..
On-Time Bumper Buddy ATV Deer Feeder Spreader
Model: OT22000
UPC: 797539220008
Availability: In Stock
On-Time Bumper Buddy ATV Deer Feeder Spreader. Make the chore of spreading fertilizer, deer feed or seed effortless with the Bumper Buddy Spreader Combo! Our system distributes deer feed in a pattern from 4 to 20 feet and comes with 2 interchangeable spreader plates. The 20-gallon capacity conical hopper is made of durable polyethylene and will mount to most ATV racks with our unique 2-bolt clamping system. The Bumper Buddy has been designed for quick removal and reinstallation because the mount..
On-Time Replacement Motor Kit (No Hardware) for Bumper Buddy
Model: OT08765
UPC: 079753908765
Availability: In Stock
Replacement motor kit for the Bumper Buddy spreader. This kit has everything you need to replace the motor kit on your On Time feeder. Kit contents:     Motor     Spinner plate     Mounting bracket     Deflector plate   ..
Road Feeder Z Bracket for UTV Receiver Hitch - 2in
Model: AS001310
Availability: In Stock
The z backet acts as an extension for your road feeder. The z bracket can be flipped over to raise or lower your road feeder as needed. Perfect for using with UTV (Mule, Polaris, Etc) to extend the receiver out and up.  Makes mounting road feeders a snap. Fits 2" Receivers. ..
The Eliminator Road Deer Feeder Kit
Model: AS822205
UPC: 765665822205
Availability: In Stock
The Eliminator Road Deer Feeder Kit. The Eliminator Lower Unit with a round Eliminator for use with a road feeder. Operates clockwise or counter-clockwise. Eliminates corn loss from wind and road vibration. Does not include corded trigger (sold separately - Click Related Products Tab) ..
West Texas Feeders Hand Control for Tailgate/Road Feeders
Availability: In Stock
Pistol Grip Toggle for running a road feeder/spreader.   ..
On-Time Bumper Buddy Polaris Mount
Model: OT22001
UPC: 797539220015
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
5 Screw Metal mounting kit to fit on a Polaris for the On Time Bumper Buddy ATV Spreader. ..
Spintech Inverted 12v Feeder Motor Kit
UPC: 850642001398
Availability: Out Of Stock
The patented Spinner Mechanism not only rotates, BUT elevates up and down! When motor is shut off, the spinner plate automatically is pushed up tight AND sealed against the hopper, preventing any leakage. The SPINTECH technology is windproof and also prevents varmints like racoons & squirrels from opening the plaste and eating feed. The inverted motor design places the motor inside the hopper, protecting it from the elements, and extending the life of the motor. Mounts inside hopper onl..
SpinTech Road Feeder Motor Kit with Cord
UPC: 850642001022
Availability: Out Of Stock
Road Feeder Motor Kit with Cord-Broadcast Spreader for Seeding Food Plots, Salting, Etc. * Spin Tech Patented on Demand open/close shut off * RFMKC includes 25 ft. remote cord with accessory plug in adapter and toggle switch * 12 volt heavy duty motor * Heavy duty galvanized construction * One directional 180 degree spray pattern * ONE YEAR WARRANTY ..