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Boss Buck ATV-Truck 80lb Spreader with Remote - 2in Receiver
Model: BB180
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$299.99 $209.99
Browning Defender Wireless Cellular Trail Camera - ATT
Availability: In Stock
On-Time Shakedown Feeder XL - 20 Gallon
Model: OT73500
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All Seasons 12v Spin Feeder Deer Feeder Kit Combo with Solar Panel and Battery
Model: AS800128C
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Antler Mounts-

  • Antler Mounts-

    Display your trophy with pride with these unique and stylish antler mounting kits.  Choose from a variety of antler mounts or shed mounts. Mounting kits offer a variety of ways to display your trophy antlers, on the end table or above the mantle.  Give your trophy the respect it deserves with a quality anter mounting kit.

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Allen Antler Mounting Kit - Green
Model: AL562
Availability: In Stock
A sturdy plaque with a wood grain laminated finish and includes an engravable plate. Green skull cover can be formed to most horn configurations. ..
$12.99 $10.99
Allen Big Buck Trophy Mounting Kit - MOBU Country
Model: AL5615
Availability: In Stock
Professionally mount your antlers, includes engravable brass plate and mounting hardware. Mossy Oak Break-up Country Camo. (Antlers not included) ..
Allen Heriloom Antler Mounting Plaque - Red/MOBU
Model: AL569
Availability: In Stock
This Heirloom Mounting Plaque by Allen works with whitetail, mule deer, and pronghorn. It comes with an engravable brass plate, a red skull cover, and a Mossy Oak Break-Up skull cover. ..
Mountain Mike's EuroPlaque Skull Mounting Kit
Model: MM03871111
Availability: In Stock
Our Europlaque is a versatile plaque for displaying skull mounts. It can be assembled as a desk plaque or a plaque you hang on the wall. Great for deer bear boar antelope and other skulls! ..
Mountain Mike's Rack Plaque Antler Mounting Kit
Model: MM03870010
Availability: In Stock
Beautiful high quality materials featuring a genuine leather cover! This easy to use antler mounting kit offers a great alternative to cumbersome velvet covered antler plaques of yesteryear. ..
$38.99 $24.99
Skull Hooker Big Hooker Antler Mounting System - Graphite Black
Availability: In Stock
Skull Hooker is the world's first professionally finished and fully adjustable European skull mounting bracket. These stylish brackets are powder coated and are fully adjustable (up and down) to accommodate different species' horns or antlers and more importantly providing a natural upright look. The Skull Hooker arm can swing both right and left taking advantage of all areas of a room. Unlike most other products the Skull Hooker does not require any drilling into the skull. The patent pending p..
Skull Hooker Bone Bracket Skull Cap Mount - Graphite Black
Availability: In Stock
The newly redesigned Bone Bracket now offers a stronger arm and plate for those smaller skull capped trophies such as deer and antelope species worldwide. This newly redesigned Bone Bracket still offers rotational adjustments up or down and angle adjustments left or right—achieving the optimum display of your trophy. Color: Black The Bone Bracket can be assembled and hung in just a few minutes. Simply mount the wall plaque to the a wall stud with the supplied screws, attach the skull plate ad..
Allen Antler Mounting Kit - Red
Model: AL561
Availability: Out Of Stock
A sturdy plaque with a wood grain laminated finish and includes an engravable plate. Red skull cover can be formed to most horn configurations. ..
Mountain Mike's Record Keeper Antler Mounting Kit
Model: MMRK
Availability: Out Of Stock
If you want to keep your antlers intact with the original skull plate, the Bone Collector Record Keeper is the european mount kit for you. This skull features a small space at the back of the skull for you to attach your own antler skull plate. Kit includes all hardware, epoxy, and touch-up paint needed for a great, do-it-yourself European antler mount that won't sacrifice record book qualifications. ..
Mountain Mike's Shed Spreader
Model: MMSpreader
Availability: Out Of Stock
If you'd like to mount a set of sheds on a spare cape the shed spreader gives you a skull plate to attach them to so you or your taxidermist can attach them to a taxidermy form just like standard antler skull plates. ..
Mountain Mike's Skull Master European Mounting Kit
Model: MMSM
Availability: Out Of Stock
Mountain Mike's Skull Master European Mounting Kit. Kit includes all hardware needed to attach a set of harvested or shed antlers to a European deer skull quickly without the mess.  Includes two interchangeable top sections to ensure a proper fit Includes a wall mount positioner  ..
$59.99 $36.99
Mountain Mikes Skull Master Antler Mounting Kit - Fall Camo Dipped
Availability: Out Of Stock
Dipped with a camo look for that ultimate display of your antlers. Compatible with your own harvested antlers or shed antlers the Skull Master kit includes all hardware needed to attach a set of antlers to a great looking European deer skull in a timely no-mess fashion. This antler kit comes with two different size interchangeable top sections so you can choose which size fits your antlers best. ..