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Wildgame Innovations offers hunting products at value prices.  Wildgame offers deer feeders, fish feeders, feeder parts, game cameras, game camera accessories, rangefinders and more.  Shop our site for all your Wildgame Innovations needs.

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Wildgame 12V Digital Premier Deer Feeder Kit Combo with Battery and Solar Panel
Model: BATH12VDC
Availability: In Stock
This combo package includes the 12v Deer Feeder Kit, 12v rechargeable battery, and 12v solar panel. ..
$149.99 $119.97
Wildgame 6V Digital Directional Fish Feeder Kit
Model: BAWX1
Availability: In Stock
The Wildgame Digital Directional automatic fish Feeder Kit works for both deer and fish feeding.  If..
$87.99 $67.99
Wildgame Innovations Square Digital Replacement Timer - THDT
Availability: In Stock
The Original THDT square digital replacement timer from Wildgame is back. This is the replacement..
Wildgame 500yd Halo Laser Rangefinder
Model: BAXL5009
Availability: In Stock
The Wildgame Halo XL500 Range Finder delivers big on technology and value. Standard features include..
Aquapro ADF 12V Fish Feeder Motor - 1/4in Shaft with Cotter Pin Hole
Model: BA12VM
Availability: In Stock
This 12v automatic fish feeder motor is designed for the Aquapro ADF-75 and ADF-200 model auto fish ..
AquaPro ADF-75 Digital Replacement Timer - F2
Model: BAF2
Availability: In Stock
Only for the AquaPro or Stren automatic Fish Feeders (2 Motors) Programmable digital timer schedule ..
AquaPro ADF75 Fish Feeder Directional Feeder
Model: BAADF75
Availability: In Stock
AquaPro ADF75 Directional automatic Fish Feeder. State-of-the-art digital electronics with battery c..
$499.99 $449.99
Polycarbonate Drop Funnel for Deer Feeders - 2
Model: BADF1
Availability: In Stock
Replacement plastic drop funnel for deer feeders with spinner plate motor systems. 2" diameter..
Polyethylene 55 Gallon Feeder Funnel
Model: BAPF55
Availability: In Stock
Polyethylene 55 Gallon Feeder Funnel Drop funnel is 2 1/8" The widest part of the funnel is 22..
$21.99 $16.99
Polyethylene 55 Gallon Feeder Lid
Model: BAPL55
Availability: In Stock
* Poly Lid for 55 gallon drum. * Tough, durable polyurethane material * Screws lock lid to side of..
$21.99 $18.99
Solar Panel 6V - Mono-Crystalline
Model: BASP6V1
Availability: In Stock
Built In By Passed Blocking Diode Stainless Steel Flex Conduit Shields All External wiring St..
$24.99 $22.99
Tripod Metal Feeder Feet
Model: BAFP1
Availability: In Stock
Secure your feeder in the upright position with metal feeder feet. Stabilize tripod feeders in sandy..
Universal 6V Replacement Deer Feeder Motor - 1/8
Model: BA6VM
Availability: In Stock
Universal 6V Replacement automatic Deer Feeder or automatic fish feeder Motor - 1/8" Shaft 6 v..
$11.99 $10.99
Wildgame 12V Digital Premier Deer Feeder Kit
Model: BATH12VD
Availability: In Stock
Wildgame 12V Digital Premier Deer Feeder Kit. Complete heavy duty 12v deer feeder kit is housed in a..
Wildgame 12V Replacement Spinner Plate - 1/4"
Model: BA12VSP
Availability: In Stock
1/4" Shaft Stainless steel swing doors to keep feed from spilling.  Fits all 1/4" shaft motors. ..
Wildgame 450yd Halo Laser Rangefinder
Model: BAXL450
Availability: In Stock
Wildgame 450yd Halo Laser Rangefinder.  Maximum of 450 yards to reflective target 6X Magnifi..
Wildgame 6V Digital Deer Feeder Kit
Model: BATH6VD
Availability: In Stock
* Power Supply - 6V * Electronics - Digital * Available Feed Times - 4 Daily * Feed Time Duration..
$56.99 $52.99
Wildgame 6v Replacement Spinner Plate - 1/8
Model: BA6VSP
Availability: Out Of Stock
6V Spinner Plate Replacement 1/8" Shaft (fits 6V motor shaft) ..
Wildgame 8MP DRT Cam Infrared Game Camera
Model: BATR8I39DE9
Availability: In Stock
The 8MP Dirt Cam is the complete package for getting a camera in the woods. Mossy Oak Infinity camo ..
$59.99 $44.99
Wildgame Innovations 6v/12v Switchable Charger
Availability: In Stock
Comes with charge status light indicator 6V and 12V Battery Charger 1 Year Warranty Includes alligat..