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West Texas Feeders

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The Eliminator Road Deer Feeder Kit
Model: AS822205
UPC: 765665822205
Availability: In Stock
The Eliminator Road Deer Feeder Kit. The Eliminator Lower Unit with a round Eliminator for use with ..
West Texas Feeders 12v Unit with THE-Eliminator THE-Timer and Solar Panel
Availability: In Stock
Stops wind and varmint from knocking your feed onto the ground.  Spinner plate technology drops down..
The Eliminator Round Scatter Plate
Model: AS345873
UPC: 689076345873
Availability: In Stock
THE-ELIMINATOR - round scatter plate that mounts to a 12 volt 1/4" motor shaft without adapters. Sta..
The Remote - Feeder Remote Control
Model: AS000403
UPC: 659720000403
Availability: In Stock
Convert your broadcast or road feeder into a wireless system with THE REMOTE.: Ultra-low power..
The Timer Replacement Feeder Timer
Model: eltimer
UPC: 689076737920
Availability: In Stock
Simply the best deer feeder timer on the market. Easy to operate with a 5 year warranty. Compatibl..
West Texas Feeders Hand Control for Tailgate/Road Feeders
Availability: In Stock
Pistol Grip Toggle for running a road feeder/spreader.   ..
All seasons 6v Gated Spinner Plate (w Swing Doors) - 1/8in
Model: WTFSSD8
Availability: In Stock
Fits motor shafts that are 1/8" in diameter. Swing doors swing open when feeder runs and close when ..
West Texas Feeders 12v Directional Fish Feeder Kit - The Timer
Availability: Out Of Stock
This directional 12v unit feeds in one direction making it perfect for a dock or bank feeder.  Just ..