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SpinTech 12v Digital Deer Feeder Kit
Availability: 30
SpinTech 12v Digital Deer Feeder Kit. Deer Feeder Motor Unit-12 Volt EZ Digital Spinner Unit. Protec..
SpinTech 6v Digital Deer Feeder Kit
Model: ST6VDSU
Availability: 9
Deer Feeder Motor Unit-6 Volt Digital Spinner Unit. Not only does the spinner plate rotate but it al..
SpinTech Road Feeder Motor Kit with Cord
Availability: 7
Road Feeder Motor Kit with Cord-Broadcast Spreader for Seeding Food Plots, Salting, Etc. * Spin T..
SpinTech Spinner Plate Mechanism
Availability: 14
* Comes ready to install * Patented Mechanism eliminates feed loss due to varmints wind cattle etc ..
Spintech The Ultimate Timer Replacement Deer Feeder Timer
Model: STTUT
Availability: 3
Works with 6v or 12v deer feeders and one of the best timers on the market. 6v or 12v Up to ..
SpinTech 12v Digital Deer Feeder Kit with 12v Battery
Availability: In Stock
This combo includes a 12v rechargeable battery with the feeder kit. SpinTech 12v Digital Deer Fee..
$139.99 $129.99
Spintech 6v Sure Time Deer Feeder Replacement Timer
Model: STAO30
Availability: Out Of Stock
6v Only Up to 16 Feed Times 1-30 Seconds Easy to View Display Easy Duty 10amp Fuse Protec..
Spintech Inverted 12v Feeder Motor Kit
Availability: Out Of Stock
The patented Spinner Mechanism not only rotates, BUT elevates up and down! When motor is shut off, t..