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Vortex Impact 4000 Ballistic Rail-Mounted Laser Rangefinder
Model: VXLRFIMP4000
UPC: 843829136778
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AGM Global Vision Rattler TS35-384 Thermal Scope
Model: AGM3092455005TH31
UPC: 810027778109
Availability: In Stock
$2,499.99 $2,095.00
All Seasons 600lb Stand & Fill Electric Protein Deer Feeder
Model: AS201895
UPC: 765665201895
Availability: In Stock

Deer Feeder Kits

  • Deer Feeder Kits

    Deer feeder kits mount on your bucket or barrel, or replace an old feeder kit with a new one.  Deer feeder kits include everything you need to mount to the bottom of your barrel. Also known as slingers.

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Moultrie NXT Hunter Feeder Kit
Model: MEMFG13265
UPC: 053695132655
Availability: In Stock
The next generation of Moultrie Deer Feeder technology has arrived. The NXT Hunter Feeder Kit includes BackSpin™ anti-clog technology.  If the unit senses a clog it will momentarily reverse the spin to bust up the clog. Electric Varmint Guard has a low-drain circuitry on it keeps varmint away from the spinner plate.  Backspin senses a clog and momentarily reverses spin to break up the clog. Cake free spinner plate design Power Supply - 6V Electronics - Digital Available Feed Times - ..
All Seasons 12v ASF Spin Feeder Deer Feeder Kit - ASF Timer
Model: AS800128
UPC: 765665800128
Availability: In Stock
Replace or upgrade your deer feeder with the All Seasons galvanized 12v Spin Feeder deer feeder kit. ASF Digital timer (1 year warranty) 1-6 Feedings per Day 1-30 Seconds per Feeding 12v Motor ¼” Gated Spinner Plate Galvanized Steel Housing Mounting hardware Battery not included, Drop Funnel not included ..
All Seasons Barrel Buddy 12v Low Profile Feeder for 55 Gallon Barrel
Model: AS990263
UPC: 765665990263
Availability: In Stock
With the patented ASF Barrel Buddy you can turn any 55gal barrel into a low profile corn feeder! Features: Heavy duty metal construction Powder coated High power 12v system Up to 6 feed settings Throws corn up to 40ft Varmint resistant design Includes: 12v EZ Timer 12v Motor Spinner plate 4 - anchor pins 2" Hole saw Down spout 12v Battery, 55gal barrel, and lid NOT included. ..
American Hunter 6v Sun Slinger 2.0 Deer Feeder Kit
UPC: 888151026069
Availability: In Stock
American Hunter 6v Sun Slinger 2.0 Deer Feeder Kit. All inclusive is this 6v battery operated deer feeder that has its own built in solar panel.  This deer feeder kit has no exposed wires to worry about varmint tearing up, and includes a vaarmint cage around the spinner. Mounts to any deer feeder barrel. Solar Panel Built In Power Supply - 6V Fully Enclosed Varmint Cage Electronics - Digital Q-Sets - 2 preconfigured settings for easy setup Available Feed Times - 1-16 Daily Feed..
Boss Buck Auto Feed Kit Large 12v w/ Simple Set Timer Conversion Kit
Model: BB15BB
UPC: 094922757616
Availability: In Stock
Our large 12 volt system , comes with a high torque motor , and the swing door slinger.  Uses a 12 volt rechargeable battery , and has knock outs for the Boss Buck box mount solar panel or a traditional barrel mounted solar panel. Heavy duty steel mounting plate , and 1/4″-20 thumbolts quickly attach and detach from the Boss Buck non-Typical 350, 600 or 1200 series feeders. Our design allows for the solar panel to be positioned even after the feeder has been filled. Simply rotate the Conversion ..
ForEverlast 12v Spin Feeder Deer Feeder Kit
Model: ELCU
UPC: 687002700178
Availability: In Stock
Features the ForEverlast Digital Timer Controller Powerful 12 volt system provides for years of maximum performance Galvanized housing and hardware provide for unmatched durability and longevity Gate plate spinner provides for minimal waste of feed from wind, rain, and varmints Hinge & lock door features provide for easy access to timer and components Easy adjust feed control allows you to adjust feed flow in just seconds Easy to mount under a barrel or feed hopper Zinc plated down spout ..
Moultrie Quick Lock Directional Fish/Deer Feeder Kit
Model: MEMFG13264
UPC: 053695132648
Availability: In Stock
This feeder kit is designed to cast feed in one direction. Features advanced anti-clog technology that busts clogs as soon as they are sensed. Digital timer allows for programming of feed times. Uses Moultrie’s versatile Quick-Lock system. Agitating spinner plate design breaks up clumps and improves feed flow Optimize feed usage, digital timer for programing up to six daily feed times with duration of 1-20 seconds each Casts feed in a 30-degree path, perfect for along roads, ponds, tra..
$56.99 $52.99
Moultrie Ranch Series 12v Broadcast Feeder Kit
Model: MEMFG15044
UPC: 053695150444
Availability: In Stock
The Ranch Series Broadcast Feeder Kit is ideal for deer hunters feeding corn, along with users who want to schedule feeds for ground-fed animals (chickens, for example). This kit is driven by a powerful 12V motor, and the powder-coated metal construction protects against harsh weather elements. Part of Moultrie’s new Ranch Series lineup of durable, versatile metal feeder products BROADCAST FEEDER KIT ONLY; hopper and leg assembly sold separately (varmint guard not included) Ideal for deer h..
SpinTech 12v Digital Deer Feeder Kit
UPC: 850642001039
Availability: In Stock
SpinTech 12v Digital Deer Feeder Kit. Deer Feeder Motor Unit-12 Volt EZ Digital Spinner Unit. Protect your deer feed from wind and varmints. Positive on Demand spinner plate shuts off the feed when not spinning. When the feeder starts spinning, the spinner plate automatically lowers allowing the flow of feed. Set up to feed every day or pick and choose the days you want to feed. Varmint Proof Feeder 12 Volt heavy duty motor Hinged door with latch Bracket to hold EZ timer Spin Tech ..
SpinTech 6v Digital Deer Feeder Kit
Model: ST6VDSU
UPC: 850642001312
Availability: In Stock
Deer Feeder Motor Unit-6 Volt Digital Spinner Unit. Not only does the spinner plate rotate but it also goes up and down locking closed when the motor is off. Be confident that you are saving time and money because the SpinTech mechanism assures you that birds hogs and varmints such as squirrels and raccoons cannot get to your deer feed due to the locking spinner plate. Varmint Proof Feeder 6 volt motor Spin Tech Patented Positive on Demand open/close spinner plate 1-30 second adjusta..
$64.99 $49.99
Wildgame Evolution 6V Analog Deer Feeder Kit
UPC: 616376001475
Availability: In Stock
Evolution Feeder Spinner locks against the drop funnel to stop wind and varmints from getting to the feed.  When the motor spins, the spinner plate drops down to allow feed to be disbursed. 100% varmint proof so you can easily attract and pattern game Spinner plate recessed underneath heavy-duty mounting bracket doesn’t let critters access feed Spring-loaded design automatically reseals to barrel after spinning New arm design uses centrifugal force to drop as feed is dispersed Lockable pa..
All Seasons 12v Evolution Feeder Deer Feeder Kit w/ The Timer
Model: AS800036
UPC: 765665800036
Availability: In Stock
The Evolution feeder kit has evolved to beat those pesky raccoons and squirrels from emptying your feeder.  The Eliminator spinner plate shuts off all feed when the unit is not running, making it varmint and wind proof. The Timer (5 year warranty) 1-6 Feedings per Day 12v Motor Eliminator Varmint Proof Spinner (ships inside feeder box) Standard Spinner Plate Included Galvanized Steel Housing Mounting hardware Battery not included The Timer runs on 1 AA battery ..
All Seasons 12v The Timer Spin Feeder Deer Feeder Kit - The Timer
Model: AS800029
UPC: 765665800029
Availability: In Stock
Replace or upgrade your deer feeder with the All Seasons galvanized 12v Spin Feeder deer feeder kit. The Timer Digital timer (5 year warranty) 1-6 Feedings per Day 1-30 Seconds per Feeding 12v Motor ¼” Gated Spinner Plate Galvanized Steel Housing Mounting hardware Battery not included The Timer runs on 1 AA battery. ..
Capsule 55Gal DYI Barrel Digital Game Deer Feeder - Barrel Not Included
Model: CAP55
UPC: 850281008246
Availability: out of stock
The Capsule Feeder is the problem-solving alternative to traditional gravity feeders, tripod feeders, and other game feeder kits. The rugged capsule construction rests on the ground and is durable enough to withstand all the forces of nature. With the Capsule Feeder, there is no more worrying about animals knocking over your tripod feeders, or stealing from your gravity deer feeders. The durable feeder cage protects the feeder kit from varmints, such as raccoons, while allowing an effective dist..
Moultrie 6V Digital Pro Hunter 2.0 Deer Feeder Kit - Quick Lock
Model: MEMFG13448
UPC: 053695134482
Availability: out of stock
The Pro Hunter II Feeder Kit has a new look and improved function. The Pro Hunter II has an adjustable internal funnel that eliminates the need for additional assembly and helps feed flow freely into spinner plate. The Easy Set programmable digital timer allows you to set up to 6 daily feed times from 1 - 20 seconds long. The Pro Hunter II operates for months on a 6-volt rechargeable battery. This feeder kit includes the Quick-Lock adapter for easy twist-on, twist-off installation. Improve..
Moultrie All-In-One Deer Feeder Digital Timer Kit
Model: MEMFHP12367
UPC: 053695123677
Availability: out of stock
Moultrie All-In-One Deer Feeder Digital Timer Kit. Perfect for the hunter who wants more feed control but no fuss. The All-in-One Timer kit has everything you need just add a bucket and deer feed. We've even included batteries! Kit easily attaches to any bucket size. Digital timer programs up to 4 different feed times a day. New efficiencies and battery design doubles run time providing 4 months field life!  Digital timer programs up to 4 different feed times a day 1-20 seconds run time ..
$37.99 $34.99
Moultrie Ranch Series 12v Auger Feeder Kit
Model: MEMFG15041
UPC: 053695150413
Availability: out of stock
Compatible with the new durable metal Ranch Series feeders, the Ranch Series Auger Feeder Kit is ideal for hobby farmers or land managers and was designed to dispense any type of feed for various animals like deer, cattle, sheep, and more.  A 12V gear motor drives the stainless-steel auger shaft, which helps prevent corrosion. This Auger Feeder Kit includes a discharge chute for dispensing feed through enclosures into troughs or containers, or the feed can drop straight to the ground. Part of..
On-Time Classic Lifetime Deer Feeder Kit
Model: OT11112
UPC: 797539111122
Availability: out of stock
The Classic Lifetime feeder offers a lifetime of use with a lifetime guarantee! It combines a reliable quartz clock and high torque motor with extremely durable aircraft grade aluminum housing designed to resist years of punishment in the outdoors. This feeder is capable of feeding up to 12 times a day from 3-16 seconds at a time. AA batteries (not included) yield powerful 15-volt feedings, great cold weather capability, and up to a full year of battery life. • Lifetime Warranty • All Alumin..
On-Time Elite Lifetime Digital Deer Feeder Kit
Model: OT11113
UPC: 797539111139
Availability: out of stock
On-Time Elite Lifetime Digital Deer Feeder Kit. The Elite Lifetime feeder offers a lifetime of use guaranteed with the ease of digital programming. The user-friendly LCD screen allows up to 6 customized feedings per day from 1-30 seconds each. A high-torque energy efficient motor allows for 3 speeds and will last through the season on a single set of batteries. A full 15 volts of power provides great cold weather efficiency. Lifetime Warranty All Aluminum Housing Construction Programma..
On-Time Tomahawk VL Deer Feeder Kit
Model: OT49000
UPC: 797539490005
Availability: out of stock
The Tomahawk VL Timer deer feeder kit utilizes robotic constructed electronics for reliability and ease of use. This unit can be easily programmed for up to 4 feedings a day. Each feed time is adjustable up to 20 seconds. Programming is made easy by 3 on screen prompts including an onboard test feature. High-Impact Composite Construction Universal Mounting System Operates on 6- or 12-Volt Batteries Pre-wired for Solar Panel and Remote Control ..