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Deer Feeder 55 Gallon Barrel Band

Model: BB13
Manufacturer Part: bb13
UPC Code: 094922019851
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Price: $42.99
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  • How to build your own deer feeder How to build your own deer feeder Apr 24, 2014 Deer feeders are made of a few basic components.  You have the barrel or hopper, the suspension system (either legs or hanging), and the feeder mechanism i..
( hjaller, 10/11/2019 ) Q:

how wide is the band?


The band is about 23" in diameter.  It is designed to clamp around a standard 55 gallon drum.

( brian smith, 07/26/2019 ) Q:

Is this a two or three piece band? Thank you.


They are 3 pieces.  Each leg piece has 1/3 of the band attached.  They screw together in the 3 spots on the band.

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Deer Feeder 55 Gallon Barrel Band

Build your own feeder with any 55 gallon drum, plastic or metal with the Boss Buck Barrel Band system. Easily installs in minutes around the bottom of the barrel. The welded tab supports help position , and support the drum inside the band system. Our band system allows you to mount the feeder legs without drilling holes in the drum. This causes moisture problems over time. The square tubing legs except pipe from 1 1/4″ID and larger. For professional results on your home made feeder use Boss Buck Feeder Parts.
Truly the Cadillac of leg systems! Double HEAVY DUTY tension plates allow band to be extra tight! Holds up to 600 lbs. Made for 55 gallon barrels.

The Barrel Band System comes with three 20" legs. As shown in picture. Extension legs not included.