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Hornady ELD-X Precision Hunter 30-06 178gr Ammunition - 20 Rounds
Model: HOR81174
UPC: 090255811742
Availability: In Stock
All Seasons 2000lb Low Pro Stand & Fill Protein Deer Feeder on Skids
Model: AS201086
UPC: 765665201086
Availability: In Stock
Bergara Premier Highlander .300 PRC 24in Threaded Barrel Woodland Camo Grayboe Stock Sniper Gray Cerakote
Model: BPR33300PRC
UPC: 043125300389
Availability: In Stock

Deer Feeder Kits Blog

Posted by in Deer Feeder Kits Blog on April 24, 2014 .

Deer feeders are made of a few basic components.  You have the barrel or hopper, the suspension system (either legs or hanging), and the feeder mechanism itself.  Making a deer feeder is not hard to do and you can use items you may already have...