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CCI 0039 .22LR Shotshell Ammunition #12 31gr  - 20 Rounds
Model: CCI39
UPC: 076683000392
Availability: 186
CCI 0039 .22LR Shotshell Ammunition. Low noise rounds for training or varmint control. 20 Rounds.  Item Number: 0039 Caliber: .22LR #12 Shot Muzzle Velocity: 1000 fps Muzzle Energy: 69 ft lbs 20 Rounds per Box ..
CCI .22 Win Mag HP TNT Lead-Free 30gr - 50 Rounds
Model: CCI60
UPC: 076683000606
Availability: 56
CCI's varmint lineup offers devastating performance on varmints, time after time. Exploosive expansion on impact, Impressive Accuracy, Lead-free projectile Mfg Item Num: 0060 Category: RIMFIRE ROUNDS Caliber :22 Win Mag Bullet Type :TNT Green Hollow Point Bullet Weight :30 GR Muzzle Energy :280 ft lbs Muzzle Velocity :2050 fps Rounds Per Box :50 ..
CCI Varmint .22 Win Mag Poly-Tip V-Max 30 GR  50Box
Model: CCI73
UPC: 076683000736
Availability: 14
CCI's varmint lineup offers several loads in a variety of calibers that utilize unique bullet technologies to deliver what we covet most: devastating performance on varmints, time after time. If you can't find your ideal rimfire varmint load on these pages, it doesn't exist.         Category:           RIMFIRE ROUNDS                 Caliber             :22 Winchester Magnum Bullet Type         :Poly-Tip V-Max Bullet Weight       :30 GR Muzzle Energy       :322 ft lbs Muzzle Velocity   ..
CCI .22 Short 0028 Varmint 22 Short Copper-Plated Hollow Point 27gr - 100 Rounds
Model: CCI28
UPC: 076683000286
Availability: 3
Caliber     Bullet Weight (gr)     Bullet Type      Box Count 22 Short           27                         CPHP                100 Velocity, ft/sec Muzzle     50 yards     75 yards     100 yards 1105     961     911     868 Energy, ft-lbs Muzzle     50 yards     75 yards     100 yards 73     55     50     45 Trajectory if sighted at 50 yards 25 Yards     50 yards     75 yards     100 yards 0.3     0.0     -2.6     -7.9     ..
CCI .22 Short HV 29Gr 1080 FPS - 100 Rounds
Model: CCI27
UPC: 076683000279
Availability: 4
Great for target/plinking and for teaching your youngster to shoot. .22 Short 1080 fps 29gr Copper Round Nose ..
CCI 0025 .22 WMR Shotshell Ammunition #12 52gr  - 20 Rounds
Model: CCI25
UPC: 076683000255
Availability: 52
CCI 0025 .22WMR Shotshell Ammunition. 20 Rounds.  22 Magnum has 52 grains of #12 shot at 1000 ft/sec Will not harm your gun barrel Any residue comes out with standard cleaning methods Clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner Sure-fire CCI priming ..
CCI 17 HMR TNT Green Ammunition 16gr - 50 Rounds
Model: CCI951
UPC: 076683009517
Availability: 64
CCI 17 HMR TNT Green Ammunition  16 Grain TNT hollow point Flat trajectory Explosive performance Non-lead Sure-fire CCI priming Muzzle Velocity: 2500fps Energy: 222 ft/lbs ..
CCI 22 WMR 30GR Varmint Tipped Ammunition - 50 Rounds
Model: CCI969CC
UPC: 604544647334
Availability: 20
One look is all it takes to know that CCI understands what varmint hunters desire. The Varmint Ammunition line features a variety of bullet technologies that are designed for the same goal: total devastation on impact. The VNT load allows you to devastate varmints or drill targets at long range. The loads feature a Speer bullet with an extremely thin jacket and polymer tip that team up to offer flat trajectories, superb long-range accuracy and explosive terminal performance on impact. Caliber..
CCI 963CC A22 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) 35 GR Jacketed Soft Point 200 Bx/ 10 Cs
Model: CCI963CC
UPC: 060454461886
Availability: 1
CCI's varmint lineup offers devastating performance on varmints, time after time. Exploosive expansion on impact, Impressive Accuracy, Lead-free projectile Category: RIMFIRE ROUNDS Caliber :22 Win Mag Bullet Type :Jacketed Soft Point Bullet Weight :35 GR Rounds Per Box :200 ..
CCI Ammunition - 17HMR 17gr.TNT 50-Box
Model: CCI53
UPC: 076683000538
Availability: 1
17 grain TNT hollow point at 2525 ft/sec Famed TNT hollow point for the on-target performance that varmint hunters demand Clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner Sure-fire CCI priming Reusable plastic box with dispenser lid ..
CCI Ammunition - 17HMR 20gr. FMJ 50-Box
Model: CCI55
UPC: 076683000552
Availability: 14
No expansion Reduced meat damage Full Metal Jacket 20gr. 2025fps   ..
CCI Ammunition 17HMR 17gr. V-Max 50-Box
Model: CCI49
UPC: 076683000491
Availability: 1
17 grain V-MAX polymer-tipped bullet Sub-MOA accuracy 2550 ft/sec velocity Reusable 50-count plastic box that protects and dispenses five cartridges at one time ..
Federal 729 Range Pack 22LR 40 GR Lead Round Nose - 800 Round Box
Model: FA729B800
UPC: 604544668933
Availability: Out Of Stock
Federal Champion ammunition is perfect for those long days at the range. Match quality performance at a value price. Bullet Weight: 40 Grains Bullet Style: Lead Round Nose Velocity Rating: 1200FPS ..
Winchester XHV22LR Super-X 22LR 40gr Hollow Point - 100 Rounds
UPC: 020892102156
Availability: Out Of Stock
Winchester Super-X Rimfire cartridges are the most technologically advanced ammunition. By combining advanced development techniques and innovative production processes, they have elevated ammunition performance to its highest level. Caliber 22 LR Model Super-X Bullet Weight 40 gr Rounds Per Box 100 Casing Material Brass Application Small Game,Varmint Boxes Per Case 20 Bullet Type Hollow Point (HP) Muzzle Energy 183 ft lbs Muzzle Velocity 1435 fps ..
Aguila .22LR Subsonic 40gr Solid Lead Bullets - 50 Rounds
Model: AGA1B222269
UPC: 640420001098
Availability: Out Of Stock
Subsonic lead solid point for a quieter report, while delivering affordable performance. This is a great round for quiet hunting, plinking, or target shooting. 40gr Muzzle Velocity: 1025 fps Muzzle Energy: 93 ft lbs 50 Rounds ..
Aguila .22LR Super Extra Standard Velocity 40gr Lead Solid Point - 50 Rounds
Model: AGA1B222332
UPC: 640420001050
Availability: Out Of Stock
Guaranteed to deliver optimal performance making it the perfect plinking or target round. 40gr Lead Solid Point 50 Rounds ..
American Eagle .22 LR Lead Round Nose 40gr - 50 Rounds
Model: FAAE5022
UPC: 029465016913
Availability: Out Of Stock
American Eagle® 22 Long Rifle loads provide accurate, afforable performance for small game and target shooting. 40gr. Lead Round Nose 1240 fps (muzzle) 50 Rounds ..
American Eagle Suppressor .22LR 42Gr Copper Plated - 50 Rounds
Model: FAAE22SUP1
UPC: 029465058265
Availability: Out Of Stock
Sub-Sonic 42Gr 50 Rounds ..
Armscor .22LR 40gr Soft Point - 50 Rounds
Model: ARM50012PH
UPC: 480601550012
Availability: Out Of Stock
Armscor's 22 Long Rifle ammunition has a standard velocity soft point bullet with a muzzle velocity of 1135 and muzzle energy of 114. .22LR Soft Point 40gr Muzzle Energy 114 ft lbs Muzzle Velocity 1135 fps ..
CCI .22 Long CB 29gr Lead Round Nose Sub-Sonic Low Noise - 100 Rounds
Model: CCI38
UPC: 076683000385
Availability: Out Of Stock
Great round for dog training and first time shooters. Muzzle velocity 830fps, Muzzle Energy 44ft.lbs 29 grain lead round nose bullet at 710 ft/sec No louder than some pellet guns Clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner Sure-fire CCI priming Reusable plastic box with dispenser lid Note: Will not cycle semi-auto firearms. ..