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Automatic Trap Throwers and Accessories

Posted by in Automatic Trap Throwers - Blog on March 02, 2016 . 1 Comments.

Automatic Trap Throwers in a nut shell, ok a big nut shell.

When it comes to enjoying the shooting sports like skeet shooting, automatic trap throwers are now an integral part of backyard clay shooting. No longer do you have to go to the shooting range to make use of an automatic trap thrower.  Personal units are readily available and are as simple as loading into the truck or wheeling out of the barn. Auto trap throwers vary in price and capabilities and we are here to show you the differences and what you get for your money. We will explain the different components and why you may or may not want them.


All the Automatic trap throwers we carry run on a 12v battery (deep cycle marine battery recommended). This makes the machines mobile and you can use them just about anywhere. Some of the higher end brands have an optional power converter so you can plug in the trap instead of using a battery. All the trap throwers have some sort of trigger mechanism, whether it is a push button cable, foot pedal or one of the many wireless remotes. They also have a magazine with a specific capacity of clays, which can vary from model to model.

Accessory Bases

Each brand of trap throwers has its own set of accessories, and you should use the same brand of accessories as the trap thrower you purchase. There are different bases that mount to the bottom of the trap throwers. As a trap thrower sits, it just throws out in the same location every time. This is adjustable, but requires a little down-time to adjust. With a base added to the trap thrower, the unit automatically changes position to provide a more challenging presentation for the shooter. The bases are motorized and run off the same power source as the trap machine.

There are two types of bases available and their capabilities differ a little with the different brands.  

Oscillating Base - The oscillating base does just that, oscillates left and right, making the clays come out on the same plane, but to the left or right. The elevation stays the same, and the person operating the trap can time the release of the clays to make the location differ.

Wobble Base - The wobble bases change the elevation of the clay presentation, by tilting the trap thrower up and down. This base is preferred those hunting for upland birds like quail, pheasant, and other game that is flushed up into the air. The Champion brand of wobble base only goes up and down, but can be combined with the oscillating base to give an all around presentation.  The Atlas and Do-All brand wobble bases already have the oscillating feature built in, so the oscillating base is not needed to get all around action.

These bases are motorized and powered by the same power source as the trap machine, and can be turned off if desired. These bases are bolted to the unit, but only require minimal installation and can be purchased well after the initial trap thrower is bought. Just remember to purchase the same brand of accessory as the trap thrower.

Trap Controls

All trap throwers come with some sort of corded release mechanism to throw the clays. Atlas uses a handheld push button release and the Champion and Do-All units have a plug-in foot pedal. Atlas offers an optional plug in foot pedal. The foot pedal is recommended if the shooter will be shooting alone. It makes handling the firearm safer without having to hold a corded push-button release, and safer too!

Wireless Remote - Wireless remote controls can be added to the trap throwers to provide more range than the standard plug-in releases. The remotes include a transmitter that the operator holds and a receiver that plugs into the trap thrower where the corded release plugs in.  The corded and wireless released can be changed out whenever desired. The wireless remotes can give the group a different view of the clays. Since the remotes work up to 80-100 yards from the trap throwers, many shooters like to get out in front of the machine and have the clays coming towards them, or stand on the side and practice cross shots.

Double Wireless Remote - Double remotes are also available to operate two trap throwers.  They have 3 buttons on them, allowing you to trigger Trap Machine A, Trap Machine B or both machines simultaneously.


Trap throwers can get a little heavy, especially if the unit has a base installed.  They can range from 45 lbs. to well over 100 lbs.  Each brand offers a cart to mount the trap thrower on.  This makes wheeling the unit around a breeze, and the carts can be pulled by a 4-wheeler or UTV. The carts definitely make these units much more mobile. (not recommend for use behind a vehicle).

Brands, Quality, Bang for the Buck

We sell three brands of trap throwers.  These brands vary in price and quality.  Depending on your needs, one of these three brands will suit you well. We will discuss the brands from the top down.

Atlas Traps - Made in the USA. Atlas trap throwers are the Cadillac of consumeer trap throwers.  These machines are borderline professional units, and are used at many shooting clubs and ranges. They are made with stainless steel and have a lifetime warranty on the clutch and electronics.  Atlas backs their product 100% and is very good at resolving any issues that may arise.  The Atlas brand is the most expensive brand we sell, but are an excellent choice for heavy use applications.  If you are going to be shooting every day, or almost daily, we recommend spending the money on an Atlas unit, you will not be disappointed. Atlas accessories are a bit more expensive than the competition, but you are getting american made products backed by great quality.

Champion Traps - Made in China. Champion is owned by the same parent company that owns Federal Ammunition, Bushnell, Primos and many other popular shooting and hunting brands. This being said, the Champion traps are a quality product with years of quality control behind them.  Made in trusted factories in China where the parent company has had relations for years with the manufacturing plant. Champion traps are backed with quality customer service, and are great trap throwers for weekend use. Champion traps and accessories are more reasonably priced for a unit that might not get every day use.

Do-All Traps - Made in China. If you are looking for a low priced leader in the automatic trap market, Do-All is what you are looking for.  These units are more economically priced and they have a wobble base attachment (both left/right and up/down) that is priced under $250 which is about half of the Champion bases (for the same action).  If you are a budget minded buyer, or are just getting into automatic traps, Do-All Traps might be for you. These units do require a little more tinkering, and throw the clays out harder than the others, resulting in a few more busted clays on exit.  If you are tired of cocking that manual thrower but are not ready to spend $500-$1000 on a unit, check out the Do-All line of trap throwers.

If you have any questions about the trap throwers, we will be happy to answer your questions and match your needs up with the right machine. Just give us a call to have your questions answered. 877-650-7938.

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