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  • Wise Eye Smart Cam Cellular Game Camera - AT&T
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The cam that started it all and still giving. The SmartCam has everything you’ll ever need in a cellular camera. Dual long-range antennas, 100ft IR flash range, 2-5x larger images sent to your phone, etc. It also has Burst Photo Mode, Time Lapse, and Video Mode. The SmartCam is compatible with HuntControl which is our in house developed scouting system. HuntControl patterns and predicts animal habits and creates charts and graphs based off of animal movements by weather, time of day, moon phase, and more! Never guess where or when to hunt when using the SmartCam with HuntControl.

Automatic Species Recognition of both Pictures and VIDEOS
Largest Cellular Images and HD Videos
Activity Charts and Graphs
Best Time Hunt Predictor
Supports Up To a 32GB class 10 SD Card
See Only the Images You Want to See
Accurate Weather Data based on SmartCam’s location
Built in GPS
0.35 Second Trigger Speed
12 Megapixel Image Sensor
Dual Long Range Cellular Antennas
100ft. IR Flash
65 ft. PIR Sensor
12v port for External Power

HuntControl App - Available on Android and Apple devices
Pattern and predict animal movements with HuntControl! How do we do this? It’s a long answer so stay with us. First, when the SmartCam takes a picture, it sends the image  to HuntControl where it gets automatically sorted by species; even buck vs doe. After that, HuntControl finds the location provided by the user or from the SmartCam. From there we use that location to determine the weather data at the spot where the picture was taken. With this data, we can start patterning animal movements by the weather and time of day, and also start to predict future activity. The longer your SmartCam or camera is out taking pictures, the more data it collects for more accurate patterns and predictions. Of course, there are other technical factors that we have patented to get the best predictions possible. Enough with the boring tech talk, click the Free Trial button to start patterning your deer!

Auto Sort Images - When your pictures are uploaded to HuntControl they are immediately sorted. You will never have to look at empty images or pictures of birds and raccoons ever again. Don't waste hours going through pictures when you could be hunting. But the best part is, that is just the beginning...

Scouting Data - In addition to automatically sorted images and weather data. HuntControl gives you access to many charts and graphs to illustrate the deer movement at your camera. New charts are being added often. 
See your deer activity by hour, day, week, month, temperature, wind speed and more.

Incorporate the Weather - After your pictures are uploaded, accurate weather data for that camera location and that time is added and stored with each picture. Want to know what is making your deer come to that camera or stand, now you can. 

Manage your Cameras - See all of your cameras on the map. Choose between satellite or standard mapping and even search the map based on either address, city, state or even GPS coordinates. Add a new camera and keep all of your data for that camera separate from the rest. There is no limit to how many cameras you can create and how far apart they can be.

Camera Plans - Include HuntControl App Subscription.

Weekend Warrior -$14.99/Mo - 4500 Pictures or 125 Videos - Additional Cameras $9.99/mo
Trophy Hunter - $19.99.Mo - 9000 Pictures or 300 Videos - Additional Cameras $14.99/mo

Camera Specs
Transmission Type Cellular
MegaPixels 12 MP
Flash Type Infrared Flash (Low Red Glow)
Flash Range 100 ft
Flash Bulbs #
Adjustable PIR Sensor
Active Time Setting
Detection Range 65 ft
Manual Remote Shot
Trigger Speed .35 sec
Time Lapse
Image Burst Yes
Video Yes
Video Length
Image Stamp date, moon phase, temperature, time
Password Protection Yes
Trigger Interval
Memory Card
Output Ports
External Battery Port 12V power jack
Cable Lock Compatible
Viewing Screen
1/4 - 20 Socket

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