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Trap Throwers

Trap throwers and automatic trap throwers from Atlas Traps, Champion and Do-All Outdoors. Trap throwers and package deals available with wireless remotes, wobbler and oscillating bases and trap carts. Trap accessories like hearing and eye protection.

  • Auto Trap Throwers
  • Trap Accessories
  • Manual
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Shell Pouches
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Atlas T4300 Wireless Skeet Transmitter
Model: ATT4300
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
The T4300A represents the next step in transmitter technology. New key pad overlay with built in LED’s offer a longer life and better water resistance than regular push buttons. Can operate two R4300 receivers (sold separately below) to give singles, report or true pairs. By using the 127 available field/channel settings the R4300 can be used on adjacent stations with no interference. With no ON/OFF switch, the T4300 has instant "ON" and transmit, saving battery power. The T4300A operates on a s..
Atlas T4300 Wireless Skeet Transmitter with Voice Activation
Model: ATT4300AV
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
The T4300A voice is a great way to practice if you are by yourself. The voice circuitry is built into the main board of the T4300A keeping the unit compact and lightweight. Will launch singles, true pairs and report pairs. Remove the microphone and the unit reverts back to a regular T4300A. Works with R4300 receivers. Unique "Lock On" feature enables you to choose either trap 1 or trap 2 or doubles and just keep calling for the target. eliminates the need to keep pressing buttons to arm the unit..
Atlas T8 Wireless 5 Stand Transmitter
Model: ATT8
Availability: In Stock
The T8 allows you to wirelessly control anywhere from 1 to 8 clay target throwers. For each trap, you will need to add one R4300 receiver (sold separately below). It is able to launch 8 machines all at the same time. Press the "True Pair" button, press the numbers of the traps you want to fire and press the "True Pair" button again, 2 or all of them. The "Lock On" feature enables repeated throws of up to all 8 machines. A very easy to use 5 Stand or FITASC controller. By using the 127 available ..
Atlas Tri-Axis Wobble Base - AT300/400
Model: ATTW300
Availability: In Stock
The world's only 3-axes wobble base. Incorporates all the features of our wobble base plus adds a new dimension of automatic tilt. The 3-axes wobble base moves left/right, up/down and tilts left/right simultaneously. The tilt feature is completely automated and allows the trap to throw curling targets while moving side-to-side and up and down. Which adds a whole new dimension to shooting. Compatible with AT300/400. Oscillates trap side-to-side Wobbles up and down Tilts (canting) left a..
Atlas Wobble Base - AT300/400
Model: ATW300
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Increase your skill to a higher level by firing at random vertical and horizontal targets. Converts your AT300/400 to a wobble trap. A wobble trap will add the element of surprise and make clay shooting more challenging. Its like having 5 traps in one. Oscillates trap side-to-side Wobbles up and down Left/Right angles conform to ATA standards On/Off toggle switch for each direction Powered by 12 volt battery Interrupter available Fits AT300 or AT400 ..
Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap Thrower
Model: CN45322
Availability: Out Of Stock
Champion EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles Trap Thrower. Features a detachable double-stack magazine with 100 clay capacity and a 50 foot release cord with foot pedal control. Reliably offers ATA single or double practice for league shooters and bird hunters. Throws standard or international  clays from 35 to 50 yards and elevation adjustment up to 30 degrees.  Adjustable to throw ATA doubles or singles Holds 100 standard 108mm or international 110mm targets Easy adjust mainspring for throwin..
$999.99 $729.99