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Atlas AT-150 Commercial Automatic Trap Thrower

Brand: Atlas Traps
Model: AT150
Manufacturer Part: AT150
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Price: $1,599.99
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( Jordan Brown, 08/13/2019 ) Q:

Can you show me how this mounts and direct me for the 120 volt accessories option?


There are many ways to mount this trap.  Atlas offers a cart, some people mount to a trailer for mobility.  Some just mount it to a piece of plywood for a sturdy base.  The base of the AT-150 is flat and can be mounted to just about any flat surface.  Some even bolt them down to concrete for a permanent placement like a trap house.

The 110v converter can be found here. https://www.nativeoutdoors.com/atlas-110-volt-power-converter.html
This unit just plugs into the wall and has 2 posts for the battery clips to connect to.

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Atlas AT-150 Commercial Automatic Trap Thrower

The AT150 is the newest addition to our commercial series.  We started with our AT300, reduced the target capacity from 300 to 150 and here you have the AT150.  Every component and performance capabilities are the exact same as the AT300. 

This commercial-grade machine was designed for the highest volume gun clubs, yet small enough for individuals to handle.  You can now recreate the extreme presentations you've seen at the gun club.  It’s ability to throw 70° teal and 45° right/left tilt can combine for the most extreme angles!  The accuracy of the AT150 matches the perfect accuracy of our AT300/400.  This consistency is required for registered events.  

The AT150 uses heavy-duty corrosion free components through out the entire machine such as the aircraft-grade T-6 anodized aluminum top plate, stainless steel drop and target launch plates, clutch and gear motor covers.

- Stainless steel knives to throw wet or frozen targets.
- Ratcheting levers to change vertical and tilt angle – no tools required. You can now change angles and presentation in seconds.
- Side-to-side tilt angles at 45° plus! The machine will throw targets at much steeper and downhill angles.
- Aggressive tilting angles allow machine to throw chandelle and teal presentations.
- Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Polyester-Coated Construction.
- Extremely accurate target presentations, a must for competition skeet and consistency.
- 150 target capacity
- Powered by 12v Deep Cycle Marine/RV battery (Min 750 cold cranking amps, Group 27 or Group 29) - Not included
- 110-volt optional (with accessory).
- 100' push button release cord included.
- On/Off Toggle Switch
- 6-year warranty plus a lifetime warranty on the one-way bearing and electrical components