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Moultrie Camera Field Modem - MV2 - Verizon

Brand: Moultrie
Model: MEMCA13300
Manufacturer Part: MCA13300
UPC Code: 053695133003
Availability: In Stock
Price: $119.99 $49.99
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Moultrie Camera Field Modem - MV2 - Verizon

The MV2 Cellular Field Modem converts most Moultrie game cameras, built since 2015, into a wireless game camera. This allows current Moultrie camera owners to go wireless and also gives users the flexibility to upgrade their Moultrie camera any time while maintaining cellular coverage. The MV2 operates on the Verizon 4G cellular network. The MV2 runs on 8 AA batteries and communicate with Moultrie cameras via a USB cable. Moultrie Mobile users access images via the industry-leading Moultrie Mobile app on their smartphone and tablet or through the website. You can quickly and remotely change camera settings and your images are all stored online and are accessible at any time. You can also create custom tags for a specific buck or bucks that you’re monitoring, so that you can easily view only those photos later. The app and website also feature a robust lineup of filters that can sort images by moon phase, barometric pressure, temperature range, time, date and much more. Monthly data plans start at $9.99 and there are no contracts or activation/cancellation fees.

  • Converts Moultrie game camera into cellular game camera
  • Operates on Verizon 4G Network
  • Instantly receive game-camera images to your smartphone, tablet and computer
  • Access your images anytime/anywhere on free Moultrie Mobile app or website
  • Compatible with most Moultrie cameras manufactured since 2015
  • No contract required and no activation/cancelation fees
  • Works with the following Moultrie Cameras
A5 - Gen 2 (2015) A7-i (2015) M-550 Gen 2 (2015)
M-880 Gen 2 (2015) M-880i Gen 2 (2015) M-990i Gen 2 (2015)
A-20 (2016) A-20i (2016) M-888 (2016)
M-888i (2016) M-999i (2016) P-180i (2016)
White Flash (2016) A-30 (2017) A-30i (2017)
A-35 (2017) M-40 (2017) M-40i (2017)
S50i (2017) A-25 (2018) A-25i (2018)
A-40 Pro (2018) A-40i Pro (2018) M-50 (2018)
A-50i (2018) P-120i (2018)  


MV2 Plans
Name Images** Monthly Price*
4G Monitor 100 $4.99
4G Small 850 $9.99
4G Medium 1,500 $14.99
4G Large 3,000 $19.99
4G Extra-Large 6,000 $29.99
4G Professional 12,000 $49.99
Other MV2 Options
500 Additional Images $7.99/mo

* Taxes may apply.
** The number of images per month is for thumbnail uploads only. This number can vary when uploading hi-res images. Uploading hi-res images uses a higher image count than a thumbnail image.