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Wildgame 6V Digital Directional Fish Feeder Kit

Brand: Wildgame Innovations
Model: BAWX1
Manufacturer Part: WX1
UPC Code: 616376501135
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Price: $87.99 $69.99
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Wildgame 6V Digital Directional Fish Feeder Kit

The Wildgame Digital Directional automatic fish Feeder Kit works for both deer and fish feeding.  If you have a shooting lane or small area that a directional feeder would only work in a small alley, this feeder will throw deer corn in a narrow pattern to feed a shooting lane well. As an auto fish feeder, it throws in one direction keeping feed off the bank, feeding the fish more than feeding the coons/squirrels.

  • Exclusive Directional Disbursement Technology
  • Targeted Placement of Feed for Clear Line of Sight
  • Power Supply - 6V
  • Digital Electronics
  • Available Feed Times - 8 Daily
  • Feed Time Durations - 1-90 seconds
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • Extremely large easy to view liquid crystal display
  • Large rubber buttons are weather resistant & easy to use
  • Varmint Proof
  • Mounts Under any hopper allowing near to ground use
  • 6v Battery Not Included (Spring Top batteries not recommended)