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Champion EasyBird Auto Trap Thrower

Brand: Champion
Model: CN40910
Manufacturer Part: 40910
UPC Code: 076683409102
Availability: 9
Price: $479.99
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  • Automatic Trap Throwers and Accessories Automatic Trap Throwers and Accessories Mar 02, 2016 Automatic Trap Throwers in a nut shell, ok a big nut shell. When it comes to enjoying the shooting sports like skeet shooting, automatic trap throwers ar..
( james, 07/17/2019 ) Q:

how many different directions does it throw


As it sits, the Champion Easybird just throws in one direction.  You can manually move and adjust the trap thrower to throw in a different location, or you can purchase the optional oscillating base and/or wobble base to make the unit move left and right (Oscillate) or up and down (wobble), or both. These bases have a separate motor to they constantly move.

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Champion EasyBird Auto Trap Thrower

Receive your order in days, not weeks. We stock these items, we don't drop ship them like the other guys. Priority Processing comes standard with this item, and will ship the same day as long as the order is placed before Fed Ex picks up. We specialize in stocking trap throwers and make sure your order is packaged quickly and out the door. Typical delivery time: Texas - 1 day, Midwest - 2-3 days, East/West Coast 3-4 days.

The EasyBird auto trap provides the shooter with all the tools they need to throw consistent and challenging targets. The affordable and portable EasyBird electric trap automatically feeds from the 50 clay capacity magazine and makes target shooting a breeze. Runs off  a standard 12-volt battery for continuous throwing. 

  • On/Off/Safe release switch safely uncocks arm
  • Safety Ring provides visual indication of throwing arm path
  • 20-amp circuit breaker protects electrical wires and motor
  • Lightweight and protable
  • Detachable magazine holds 50 targets
  • Throws standard 108mm or International 110mm clay targets
  • 50ft release cord with foot pedal release
  • Fast, 1-second cycle time
  • Adjustable throwing range from 55 to 65 yards
  • Runs off 12 volt battery (deep cycle type recommended)