SpyPoint Link Micro Infrared Flash Cellular Trail Camera - Verizon Wireless
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On-Time Solar Elite Post Mount Fish Feeder
Model: OT71239
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AquaPro ADF75 Fish Feeder Directional Feeder
Model: BAADF75
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Atlas AT-50 Automatic Trap Thrower
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Infrared Cameras

  • Infrared Cameras

    Infrared trail cameras have a low red glow as a flash which is actually a visible infrared light source.  These types of game cameras spook less wildlife than the traditional white flash cameras.  This light can only be seen if you are looking directly at the infrared LEDs and do not light up the ground or surrounding area.  The prices of the infrared low red glow game cameras are less than that of the black flash cameras.  If your main goal is to scout wildlife, then these cameras perform very well.  If you are looking to use your game camera as a security camera for people, then we would recommend using one of the black flash cameras for that.

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Browning Command Ops Pro 16MP Trail Camera
Model: BTC4P16
Availability: In Stock
The Command Ops Pro series of cameras has increased in Megapixels to deliver big performance in a small package.  The crisp 16MP picture resolution ensures the very best quality pictures of your game, day or night.  With fast 0.5 second trigger speeds, you are sure to capture anything that steps out in front of your camera. The Command Ops Pro series also features 720p HD video with sound, to capture the best video of game on your property.  16 MP 0.5 Second Trigger Speed HD Videos wit..
$119.99 $99.99
Browning Strike Force APEX Trail Camera
Availability: In Stock
The Strike Force APEX cameras feature an incredible 0.22 second trigger speed and 0.6 second recovery time between pictures. Experience high end performance with 18 MP picture quality, and a new video processor that produces incredible quality 1600 x 900 HD+ video clips with sound. The Strike Force APEX has an adjustable IR flash range at night to optimize battery life and produce the highest quality night images. Other features include SD card management options, and Smart IR video which contin..
Browning Strike Force HD PRO Trail Camera
Model: BTC5HDP
Availability: In Stock
Browning Strike Force HD PRO Trail Camera is the Professional version of the Strike Force line. An incredible .3 trigger speed and .8 second recovery time between pictures. 18 MP picture resolution delivers the best quality pictures day or night. High performance 1280 x 720p HD video with sound captures the best video of game on your property. Adjustable IR Flash for fine tuning your picture illumination at night (Power Save, Long Range and Fast Motion). Camo finish.  18 MP  Infrared Fla..
$169.99 $159.99
Cuddeback CuddeLink CELL Dual Flash 20MP Scouting Camera - Verizon
Model: CKG5093
Availability: In Stock
With CuddeLink Cell now you are able to view all your photos on your cell phone or computer while in the comfort of your home. Perfect for those that live far away from their hunting property, or simply want the convenience of images emailed directly to them. CuddeLink Cell receives images from up to 15 Remote cameras and emails them directly to your inbox. Only one Cell Home is needed in each network and ONLY ONE CELL PLAN is required. Saving Serious hunters serious money. Industry Leading P..
$429.99 $379.99
Cuddeback CuddeLink Dual Flash 20MP Scouting Camera
Model: CKG5055
Availability: In Stock
Cuddeback’s Dual Flash revolutionizes trail cameras. No other camera on the market can do what Dual Flash does. Trail camera users have learned that IR has better illumination range, but Black Flash is totally invisible. Neither illumination is better, they are just different for different applications. With built in IR and Black Flash, Dual Flash is ready for all users in all situations. Program Dual Flash to use IR or Black Flash, or select IR for images and Black Flash for videos or any combi..
Moultrie A-300 Infrared Game Camera
Model: MEMCG13336
Availability: In Stock
Get the features you need at a price you'll love with the A300. This compact camera has 12 MP images, 0.9 second trigger speed, 60 FT detection and flash range, long-range infrared flash, HD video recording, and much more! The A300 features Moultrie’s ILLUMNI-NIGHT sensor for bright and clear nighttime images. The camera operates on 8 AA batteries for 17,000 pictures. The A300 is fully compatible with Moultrie Mobile’s MV2 and MA2 Cellular Field Modems 12 MP  Infrared Flash (Low Red Glow..
Moultrie A-35 Infrared Game Camera
Model: MEMCG13212
Availability: In Stock
The smokescreen finish blends in well with its surroundings, fast trigger speed, and long flash range make this all-purpose IR flash camera one to add to your gear bag. 14 MP  Infrared Flash (Low Red Glow)  85 ft IR Flash Range 60 ft Detection Range < 0.7 sec Trigger Speed 32 Flash Bulbs 1 or 3 photo burst  720p HD video 10 - 90 sec Video camera ID, date, moon phase, time Image Stamp 1 sec - 5 min Trigger Interval 8 AA batteries required (up to 16,000 images) up to 32..
$119.99 $84.99
Primos Gen 2 Proof Infrared Trail Camera 16 MP Ground Swat Camo
Model: PR64055
Availability: In Stock
16 megapixels 0.3 second trigger speed 100 ft. night range Faster 1-second recovery rate for more pics with fewer blanks New auto exposure, better light detection, less whiteouts Simple set-up, Easy to use Illuminated sliding switches 36 low glow LED’s 720P HD video and time lapse 8 AA Batteries (not included) 1 year battery life ..
Primos MugShot Infrared Trail Camera
Model: PR65063
Availability: In Stock
The new Primos MugShot gives every hunter an easy-to-use camera that delivers high-quality shots without a high price. The slide switch set-up allows you to spend more time hunting and less setting up cameras. Delivering 9 months of pictures on a single set of batteries and ultra-clear 12mp images with HD video, the Mug Shot has everything you need in a scouting camera at a great value. The MugShot. It’s A Steal. 12 MP images 720p HD video with audio Auto Exposure prevents “white out” ..
$79.99 $67.99
Primos Proof Gen 2 - 01 Infrared Trail Camera -12 MP
Model: PR64054
Availability: In Stock
12 megapixels 0.7 second trigger speed 80 ft. night range Faster 1-second recovery rate for more pics with fewer blanks New auto exposure, better light detection, less whiteouts Simple set-up, Easy to use Illuminated sliding switches 36 low glow LED’s 720P HD video and time lapse 8 AA Batteries (not included) 1 year battery life ..
Wildgame 10MP Terra Extreme 10 Infrared Game Camera
Model: BATX10i18
Availability: In Stock
Make sure no animal makes it onto your property without you knowing about it. At an affordable price, the Terra Extreme 10 is an excellent option for hunters looking to cover large properties with multiple cameras. It captures images and videos with an impressive trigger that reacts in less than a second. The 21-piece LED flash illuminates up to 60 feet so you know what’s going on day or night. 10MP Infrared Flash (Low Red Glow Flash) 60ft Flash Distance 60ft Detection Zone Records..
Bushnell Essential E3 HD Low Glow 16MP Trail Camera - Free Shipping
Model: BL119837C
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Keep an eye on your favorite spot year round. Bushnell has been known in the game camera market to produce a quality camera that is backed by a 2 year warranty. Battery life is outstanding and picture quality is what you would expect from a large company like Bushnell. The night time infrared flash fills the entire picture from side to side and adjusts itself if the animal gets too close.  This reduces the number of white-out or ghost images. 16 MP  Infrared Flash (Low Red Glow)  100 f..
SpyPoint Force-20 Infrared Ultra Compact Trail Camera with 16GB SD Card
Availability: In Stock
The FORCE-20 from SPYPOINT offers hunters a value-priced camera that doesn’t leave them feeling shorted on features. As suggested by its name, the FORCE-20 is capturing 20 megapixel images, allowing for the finest details to be studied in each image. Night images are illuminated with super-low-glow LEDs, so that even nighttime shots are properly illuminated so you don’t miss a thing. Make the most of your scouting with a camera that delivers on the ridge top, and the bottom line. BUCK TRACKER..