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AquaPro ADF-75 Digital Replacement Timer - F2

Brand: Wildgame Innovations
Model: BAF2
Manufacturer Part: F2 - LPAD
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Price: $99.99
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( Gabriel Fellmann, 05/29/2019 ) Q:

On this product, I'm sometimes given an error when testing out the feed. At the bottom of the screen next to the battery symbol the word "JAM" is given to me and the test cycle stops immediately. How do I fix this? Thank you


A JAM message does not always mean there is a physical jam of the feed.  We have seen this error when the battery is too weak to run the motors through their cycle, or the motors are drawing too much amperage, like if the motor gets bound up or the motors are bogging down due to non ideal operating conditions (rust, dirt, etc).

If you are getting a JAM message...
1. Make sure the motors are not bound up, or there is clogged feed.  Clear out the feed and test the unit when empty.
2. If there is no physical jam, Take your battery and charge it with a wall charger. After charging, try the feeder again. (The charge meter on the timer only measures voltage, and does not test an amperage load.)
3. If you are still getting the JAM message, try unplugging the solar panel from the battery connection and test the feeder that way.  Sometimes malfunctioning solar panels can actually drain your battery instead of charge them.

4. Test your motors, unplug the timer from the white wire harness and connect your battery directly to the black and red wires, then test the blue and white wires.  Make sure each motor spins up when connected to the two respective wires.

If your motors run when testing them and the battery is fully charged, your timer might be on the fritz.  If the above solutions did not work, you might try contacting Aquapro support at 800-847-8269.





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AquaPro ADF-75 Digital Replacement Timer - F2

Only for the AquaPro or Stren automatic Fish Feeders (2 Motors) Programmable digital timer schedule up to 6 feedings a day Customize feeder run times between 1-90 seconds Built-in battery level monitor Installs quickly and easily Replaces the LPAD Control Unit 1 Year Warranty

This timer has 6 leads and the wiring harness.  2 leads for the upper motor, 2 leads for the lower motor and 2 leads for the battery.
Just unplug your old timer, and plug this one in.

3.5" x 3.5" x .75"

If your feeder looks like the one below, then you have the correct timer. FEEDER NOT INCLUDED.  This listing is for the timer only.