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Wildgame Cloak Lightsout 8MP Trail Camera Combo - 2-Pack
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Atlas AT-250 Automatic Trap Thrower Free Foot Pedal
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HCO Spartan 3G Wireless Black Flash Game Camera Kryptek Camo - AT&T GoCam
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Primos Vault 6v Deer Feeder Kit
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Turkey Calls

  • Turkey Calls

    We carry a variety of turkey calls from box calls, pot calls, diaphram mouth calls and some specialty calls.  We also have combo packages on sale that won't be beat.

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Flextone Run N Gun Turkey Call with Glass
Model: ftcturk28
Availability: In Stock
The Run-N-Gun Glass is perfect for high frequency calling and produces excellent soft purrs yelps and clucks. The Run-N-Gun incorporates a flexible soft case with an easy to use slate or glass call. The call and inverted striker fits conveniently inside of the case protecting both pieces. Each Run-N-Gun also comes with a lanyard to wear the call around your neck so it's always there when you need it without adding unwanted movement and eliminating the need to wear a vest. ..
$19.99 $9.07
Flextone Thunder Gobble Turkey Call
Model: FTCTURK51
Availability: In Stock
The Thunder Gobble is a new design in gobbler calls.The mouthpiece fits your mouth comfortably, and directs all of your breath through the double reed construction to produce super loud gobbles and raspy tones. Use it in conjunction with hen mating yelps and cause that jealous ol’ Tom to come running in for a fight. ..
$15.99 $9.97
Flextone Thunder Yelper Turkey Call
Model: FTCTURK66
Availability: In Stock
The new flextone Thunder Yelper offers close to mid-range calling, with perfect soft and seductive yelps. Innovative hands free hybrid technology makes it easier to use than mouth calls.  Close to Mid-Range Calling Perfect Soft & Seductive Yelps Easier to Use than Mouth Calls ..
$15.99 $6.27
Flextone Untouchables Series  Scarface Glass Turkey Pot Call
Model: FTCTURK40
Availability: In Stock
The Scarface with Glass surface is a custom pot in the Untouchables Series of calls from Flextone . Endorsed by Michael Waddell the Scarface is made from select US Walnut and turned with a custom design that allows finger tips to firmly and comfortably fit around the pot. The striker is custom designed as well with a dark color to match the pot and is more concealed than normal light color wood strikers. The Scarface is so loud it will scream through the windiest of days and cover hundreds of ya..
$49.99 $24.97
Hunter's Specialties Lil Deuce Ring Zone Glass Turkey Call
Model: HSP06971
Availability: In Stock
New for 2010 Hunter's Specialties has used the new technology to produce the Li'l Deuce Ring Zone . The Li'l Deuce resonates as the same specific frequencies of a turkey's optimal hearing range. It has been one of Hunter's Specialties most popular calls over the years and is a favorite of 5-time World Friction Calling Champion and H.S. pro staffer Matt Morrett. The Li'l Deuce Ring Zone is small and compact enough to fit into a shirt pocket yet has plenty of volume to call in birds from a distanc..
$13.99 $8.97
Knight & Hale Long Spur Glass Pot Call
Model: KHT1002
Availability: In Stock
The Long Spur Glass pot call with the newly designed integrated sound channels provide true to life tones, pitch and sound quality. Each surface is pressure glued to insure each and every call is identical in sound quality and performance.  The call's glass striking surface and state of the art polycarbonate pot with built in sound channels team up to provide unmatched calling performance. Glass surface produces high raspy yelps Sound channels provide added volume & resonance Pressure ..
$19.99 $11.99
Primos Mouth Calls Made Easy Diaphragm Turkey Call Kit
Model: PR1215
Availability: In Stock
This in-depth CD will teach you just how simple and effective the mouth call is to use. Listen and practice along with Will Primos and Troy Ruiz from Team Primos as they give you detailed instructions and tips on how to become an expert caller. Three easy-to-blow calls are included with the CD to help you figure out what type of mouth call suits you best. Includes Mastering the Art Mouth Calls Made Easy Instructional CD Mini A-Frame Double Sonic Dome Double Many Beards See Thru mo..
$17.99 $8.97
Flextone Cluck N Purr Turkey Call
Model: FTCTURK59
Availability: In Stock
* Revolutionary design for mid to close range calling * Small double reeds for soft clucks & purrs * Ergonomic mouth piece for consistent tones * Easier than using diaphragm calls   ..
$15.99 $6.97
Flextone Lightning Crow Locator Call
Model: FTCTURK67
Availability: In Stock
A dual purpose call, locate turkeys or call crows.  Either way you will have a blast with the Lightning Crow locator call. Extreme Long Range Volume. Soft Body for Natural Realistic Sounds. Works for Locating Turkeys or Calling Crows. ..
$11.99 $4.87
Primos Super Freak Strap-on Box Call
Model: PR271
Availability: Out Of Stock
You're gonna Freak Out when you see how effective the Super Freak Box call is! It is simple to strap on and adjust. Once you have it securely strapped to your leg you can call with one hand greatly reducing the amount of motion needed to call in turkeys. The Super Freak box call is crafted from a solid piece of Mahogany and the paddle is made from a Custom Laminate wood that adds to the feel and sound of this call. Get your Freak on with the Super Freak Box. * Easy on and off leg strap for se..
$26.99 $10.47
Flextone Uncle Si Robertson Si-Clops Push Button Turkey Call
Model: FTCTURK71
Availability: In Stock
The Si Robertson approach to Turkey Hunting, easy and no nonsense.  The same with his turkey calls.  Easy to use and simple enough for a beginner or novice turkey hunter.  Easiest Call to Use. Walnut Body & Striker for High Pitch Tones. Creates Easy Yelps, Clucks & Purrs. ..
$26.99 $15.37
Flextone Untouchables Series  Scarface w/Slate Turkey Pot Call
Model: FTCTURK39
Availability: In Stock
The Scarface with slate surface is a Custom Pot in the Untouchables Series of calls from Flextone. Endorsed by Michael Waddell the Scarface is made from select US Walnut and turned into a custom design that allows finger tips to firmly and comfortably fit around the pot. The striker is custom designed as well with a dark color to match the pot and is more concealed than normal light color wood strikers. The Scarface is so loud it will scream through the windiest of days and cover hundreds of yar..
$49.99 $19.39
Flextone Gunslater - Gun Mounted Turkey Slate Call - Green
Model: ftcturk29
Availability: In Stock
The GunSlater allows turkey hunters to now operate their favorite "Pot" style call with only one hand while directing all calls straight forward in the direction where the gun is pointing. No more strapping your your pot style call to your leg or gun stock which ultimately muffles calls making them distorted and often not loud enough. The Patent Pending GunSlater design allows for your favorite pot "most likely a Flextone Tramp Stamp" to be attached to your gun right next to the trigger for easy..
$17.99 $6.27
Flextone Thunder Cut'n Turkey Call
Model: FTCTURK58
Availability: In Stock
? For mid-long range calling ? Double Reed for raspy cutts and yelps ? Ergonomic mouthpiece for loud calling ? Easier to use than Diaphram calls ..
$15.99 $6.27
Flextone Tramp Stamp Glass Turkey Call
Model: FTCTURK25
Availability: In Stock
The Tramp Stamp Glass turkey call uses real glass so it is Responsive and Easy to Use. This call is capable of Loud High Frequency Calls that make it awesome for locating a hot gobbler. Once you have got him going it will also back down to produce easy seductive hen calls that will bring him struttin right into your sights. The Super Magnum Hickory Striker is perfectly balanced so the call will break over just right every time and it is heavy enough to have all the volume you will ever need. Sup..
$20.99 $9.07
Primos Bombshell Push Pen Hen
Model: PR209
Availability: Out Of Stock
Accurate simple bulletproof! The Primos Bombshell is the result of 3 years of prototyping test and tweaking in order to bring Turkey Hunters the best sounding most versatile simple to use Turkey Call we could make! Simply push the rail to automatically yelp tap the rail to cut and slowly press the rail to purr or whine. The Bombshell?s rail can be adjusted to tune the call for higher or raspier pitch. It can also be locked for quiet carry. In addition to all of this the Bombshell is designed to ..
$25.99 $17.49