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Moultrie 6V Digital Pro Hunter Deer Feeder Kit Combo with Battery and Solar

Brand: Moultrie
Model: MEMFG13053C
Manufacturer Part: MFG-13053
UPC Code: 053695130538
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Price: $99.99 $92.99
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Moultrie 6V Digital Pro Hunter Deer Feeder Kit Combo with Battery and Solar

This combo includes a 6v rechargeable battery and a plug-n-play solar panel.

Moultrie 6V Digital Pro Hunter Deer Feeder Kit. The Quick-Lock adapter mounts to any barrel, and quickly detaches to swap to a protein feeder or to replace the deer feeder.

  • Power Supply - 6V Electronics - Digital
  • Available Feed Times - 6 Daily
  • Feed Time Durations - 1-20 seconds
  • Built-in varmint guard
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • Quick lock adapter mounts to any barrel (included inside container)
  • Metal spin plate and funnel protects against varmints
  • Throws feed in a 40ft diameter circle.
  • ABS housing is durable and user friendly Battery level monitor
  • All mounting hardware is included
  • Replaces Moultrie Model MFH-PHBK

Run Time  /  Approx. Feed Dispensed
4  Seconds     .75 lb
6  Seconds     1.0 lb
8  Seconds     1.5 lb
10 Seconds     2.0 lb
12 Seconds     2.5 lb
14 Seconds     3.0 lb
16 Seconds     3.5 lb
18 Seconds     4.0 lb
20 Seconds     4.5 lb

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