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Lids & Funnels

  • Lids & Funnels

    Plastic and Metal Deer Feeder lids and funnels for 55 gallon drums.  We also have drop funnels for any size deer feeders that direct the food to the spinner plate.

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American Hunter Metal Drop Funnel and Spinner Plate for Deer Feeders
Made of heavy metal to prevent damage from animals, 1.5 in. down funnel and metal spinner plate. Replaces existing worn or broken plastic parts Made of heavy metal to prevent animal damage Replaces most slingers with a 1/8”diameter shaft ..
Boss Buck 55 Gallon Metal Feeder Lid
Model: BB101
3" slip-on-lids are very practical and though they don't lock they're heavy enough to ensure that wind rain and critters can't get to the feed. Fits most 55 gallon drums. 18 GA Steel - 23 3/4" Diameter ..
Boss Buck 55 Gallon Metal Funnel
Model: BB102
Crucial in the proper function of your feeder. The folks who say you can't feed pellets out of a spin cast either don't have a funnel or don't have a good one! Boss Buck funnels are one piece spun galvanized steel and built to last! 20GA Steel 1 15/16" Spout, 1 1/2" long 55 Gallon Measures 22.375" O.D. x 7.75" Deep ..
Polyethylene 55 Gallon Feeder Funnel
Model: BAPF55
Polyethylene 55 Gallon Feeder Funnel ..
Spinner Plate Metal Drop Funnel - 2 3/8
Model: BB522
Solidly constructed steel spout delivers the feed material to the slinger. Super easy to install. Includes mounting screws. Simply cut a hole in the bottom of any drum. Center spout over the hole and attach screws. GREAT replacement for plastic parts on other manufacturers feeders! ..
Polyethylene 55 Gallon Feeder Lid
Model: BAPL55
* Poly Lid for 55 gallon drum. * Screws lock lid to side of barrel ..