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AquaPro ADF75 Fish Feeder Directional Feeder
Model: BAADF75
Availability: In Stock
$439.99 $389.99
Wildgame Mirage 16 Lights Out Combo
Model: BAM16B31DE28
Availability: In Stock
$129.99 $119.99
ATN X-Sight  4K Pro  3-14x Smart Ultra HD Day/Night Digital Rifle Scope
Availability: In Stock
Champion Workhorse Auto Trap Thrower
Model: CN40916
Availability: In Stock
$279.99 $269.99
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Replacement Timers

  • Replacement Timers

    Replacement timers for fish feeders.  Replacement timers keep your feeder up and running without having to purchase a new fish feeder

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All Seasons ASF Feeder Digital Replacement Timer
Model: AS800005
Availability: In Stock
The All Seasons ASF automatic Feeder timer works with all single motor deer and auto fish feeders. 2 wires connect to the motor and 2 wires to the battery. Operates on a 6v or a 12v battery 1-6 feed times per day Adjustable 0-30 second feed time Test Button Battery level indicator 1 year warranty ..
All Seasons Tactical Timer Replacement Feeder Timer
Model: AS800203
Availability: In Stock
The tactical timer includes a remote control to activate your auto fish feeder / deer feeder with the push of a button up to 200 yards away.  Works with 6v or 12v automoatic fish feeders or automatic deer feeders. 6v or 12v operation Feed 1-6 times a day 1-30 seconds per feeding Remote activation up to 200 yards away Remote activation runs the feeder for 8 seconds. Buttons and Display are lighted for easy programming in the dark Adjustable motor speeds (Hi, Med, Low) Battery ..
$84.99 $69.99
AquaPro ADF-75 Digital Replacement Timer - F2
Model: BAF2
Availability: In Stock
Only for the AquaPro or Stren automatic Fish Feeders (2 Motors) Programmable digital timer schedule up to 6 feedings a day Customize feeder run times between 4-90 seconds Built-in battery level monitor Installs quickly and easily Replaces the LPAD Control Unit 1 Year Warranty This timer has 6 leads and the wiring harness.  2 leads for the upper motor, 2 leads for the lower motor and 2 leads for the battery. Just unplug your old timer, and plug this one in. 3.5" x 3.5" x .75" If your fe..
On-Time Digital Replacement Timer
Model: OT00503
Availability: In Stock
Replace your 6v or 12v feeder timer unit with this easy to use replacement timer. Set up to 6 feed settings per day. The unit will allow for motor speed adjustment of 50%, 75%, or 100% power. This has been robotically built for dependability. The PC control board is of military grade. Assembled in USA. 6v or 12v operation 1-6 feedings per day 1-30 seconds per feeding Motor Speed Control (50%, 75%, 100%) ..
$38.99 $34.99
Photocell Replacement Timers
Model: BATHP
Availability: In Stock
Power Supply - 6V Electronics - Photocell Timer Available Feed Times - 2 Feed Time Durations - 1-20 seconds Warranty - 1 Year Battery Not Included ..
The Timer Replacement Feeder Timer
Model: eltimer
Availability: In Stock
Simply the best deer feeder timer on the market. Easy to operate with a 5 year warranty. Compatible with any 6 or 12 volt control unit. Can feed up to 6 times a day. Fuse protected with easy 4 wire hook up, 2 to battery, 2 to motor. Wiring harness is included ..
Aquapro DX / WX Digital Replacement Timer
Model: BATHX
Availability: Out Of Stock
Replacement timer for ADF-25DX ADF-150DX and Remington DX1, Wildgame WX1 automatic feeders only. If your automatic fish feeder has a clear face on the front where you can see the black paddle wheel that drops the feed down to the metal impeller that throws the feed out, then you have the right timer. This timer is the replacement timer for the auto feeder listed below. (Feeder unit not included).  This item is for the timer (clock portion) only. 3.5" x 3.5" x .75" ..