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Fish Feeders

Regardless the size of your pond, having a fish feeder on the water will help your fish grow and be more healthy.  Fish feeders are perfect for game fish such as large mouth bass as well as catfish. We carry a variety of fish feeders including post mount fish feeders, ones that sit on the ground and also hanging feeders. All of these are directional fish feeders so they will throw feed into the water and not everywhere else. Make your fish happy and get a fish feeder for your pond today.

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AquaPro ADF75 Fish Feeder Directional Feeder - Guaranteed In Stock
Unlike most dealers, we stock these fish feeders which means you receive them in days, not weeks! State-of-the-art digital electronics with battery charge indicator and motor speed control. This compact AquaPro fish feeder is varmint proof, has a built-in sight glass, powder coated in hunter green color and is constructed from both heavy gauge steel and 1" galvanized angle iron. All internal seams are double-sealed with silicone and industrial rubberized coating to help prevent moisture from aff..
American Hunter Directional Feeder - 50lb.
The American Hunter Directional Fish Feeder holds 25lb of floating fish food (50lbs corn) and can be used as a directional deer feeder as well.  Hangs just about anywhere, and can feed on the days you choose. Digital Clock Timer & Guard 50 lb. capacity AP Camo Metal Hopper Provides for easy relocation Feeds 1 to 16 times per day Can feed different days of the week Adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec) Includes powder coated “No Blow” slinger Pre-wired for: solar panel BL-R680-S ..
$69.99 $59.99
Moultrie 30-gallon Feedcaster Pro Fish Feeder
Manage your pond, and grow bigger, better fish with the Moultrie 30-gallon Feedcaster Pro Fish Feeder.  This fish feeder holds up to 100 lbs of fish feed.  Sturdy tripod design allows placement on a dock or on the bank. Directional shroud keeps feed shooting into the water and not everywhere else. Rust proof plastic hopper, Powder coated legs include feet. • Grow bigger, healthier fish with a Moultrie fish feeder • Extra-large capacity holds up to 100 lbs. of fish feed • Directional shroud ..
Moultrie Automatic Fish Feeder - 6 Gallon Capacity
Stop wasting food and prevent it from landing on your dock with the directional fish feeder. This automatic pond fish feeder precisely directs food into the water not onto your pier with its directional shroud and narrow cast projection. * Narrow 25 foot casting distance for greatest results * Set digital timer to feed up to 6 different times a day * Adjustable feed setting of 1-20 seconds run time allows each feed cycle to be customized * Durable and rugged metal bucket bears attractive W..
Moultrie Feedcaster Fish Feeder Kit
Manage a better pond and grow larger, healthier fish. Directional Shroud is Engineered for Maximum Casting Distance Programmable Digital Timer Feeds up to 6 Times per Day Customize Feedings Between 1-20 seconds per Feeding ABS Plastic Housing Hardware included to place on any bucket or barrel Operates on one 6-volt battery (not included) Not designed to work with the 30 Gallon Feedcaster Pro Feeder (MFF-12655) ..
On-Time Solar Elite Fish Feeder
The Fish Feeder Combo comes ready to install with a 150-lb. capacity hopper & a steel attachment band with welded brackets. Specially designed to dispense round and cylindrical fish food, ideal for maintaining catfish, bream and other varieties of fish. Featuring large-scale motors with agitator rods that extend into the hopper. As the feeders dispense, the agitator rod turns, keeping the feed flowing properly and preventing clogging. Comes equipped with a deflector plate that allows for directi..
Wildgame 6V Digital Directional Fish Feeder Kit
The Wildgame Digital Directional Feeder Kit works for both deer and fish feeding.  If you have a shooting lane or small area that a directional feeder would only work in a small alley, this feeder will throw corn in a narrow pattern to feed a shooting lane well. As a fish feeder, it throws in one direction keeping feed off the bank, feeding the fish more than feeding the coons/squirrels. Exclusive Directional Disbursement Technology Targeted Placement of Feed for Clear Line of Sight Po..