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Edge by Expedite Triple Play Motion Dove Decoy
Model: EDG21690093
Three constantly moving dove as if they are calming feeding on the ground. Twising and turning actio..
Edge by Expedite Four Pack of Feeders
Model: EDG21536087
4 Decoy Dove ground feeders. Comes with the ground stakes which provide added motion-mimicking feedi..
Edge by Expedite Clip on Dove Decoy - 4-pack
Model: EDG21814185
The Markets Best Selling - Most realistic Dove Body Decoy is the Lucky Duck Clip on Dove. Blow molde..
Edge by Expedite Fawn Decoy
Model: EDG21512081
Our Lucky Duck Fawn decoy is great for predator or deer hunting. Made of lightweight EVA rubber for ..
$49.99 $39.99
Edge by Expedite Lucky Duck Lucky Flasher Decoy
Model: EDG21101131
The Lucky Flasher is Simple, portable and an effective spinning wing decoy which can be used to attr..
Edge by Expedite Yote Coyote Decoy
Model: EDG21505076
Life-size, realistic coyote decoy. Made of lightweight EVA rubber which makes it easy to fold up for..
Edge by Expedite Rapid Flyer Dove-N-Air  Decoy
Model: EDG21691090
The Dove-in-Air decoy is a motorized flapping wing dove decoy. It has an intermittent timer in the f..