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Boss Buck Shark Teeth - Feeder Repellent

Brand: Boss Buck
Model: BB136
Manufacturer Part:
UPC Code: 094922757708
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Boss Buck Shark Teeth - Feeder Repellent

Shark Teeth come in 36" strips that are 1 1/2" wide. There are three to a set and the set includes three self tapping screws per strip (9 total). Each strip has 4 parting lines 6" apart. Each 6" strip has 4 pre-punched holes. You can apply complete 36" strips to feeder legs. Then buy our single pack or triple pack and cover your Protein/Gravity Feeders head (or) Control/Timer Box to create a barrier that repels just about anything.
1. Line the inside of the feeder legs to keep pigs from rubbing and bumping them.
2. Line the outside of the feeder legs to prevent raccoons & squirrels from climbing and pigs and livestock from pushing and bumping your feeder.
3. Break into 6" strips and install them on your protein feeder heads to prevent coons & squirrels from climbing on them and chewing them.
4. Break into 6" strips and screw or super glue to the top and side surfaces of your control/timer box. This prevents coons from climbing on it & cows horses etc. from licking it.
5. Remove that varmint cage and maximize the broadcast capabilities of your slinger. No more water filled holes under the feeder wasting the feed the cage knocks down directly under the feeder. When the cage stops the feed it falls directly under the feeder. Deer hogs coons etc. eat under the feeder when it's dry and dig out a big depression under the feeder. When it rains the depression fills with water and renders the feed useless.
6. Install strips on your feeder lid to deter raccoons & large birds from roosting & defecating on top of it.
7. Shark Teeth have to many uses to list. Let your imagination run wild with Shark Teeth!

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