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Universal 12v 7ah Rechargeable Battery

Brand: GSM
Model: UB1270
Manufacturer Part: ub1270
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Universal 12v 7ah Rechargeable Battery

Can be attached to a solar panel or wall charger for charging. The state-of-the-art lead-acid battery is the valve-regulated type (sometimes called "sealed" or maintenance-free) which fixes the acid electrolyte in a gel or in an absorptive fiberglass mat. The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions can be operated in any position.

* Maintenance-free
* Sealed no leak design
* Higher cranking amps
* Lower self discharge
* Greater vibration resistance
* Heavy duty no corrosion terminals Terminal: F1/F2
* Size: 5.94" x 2.57" x 3.82
* Weight: 4.80 lbs

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